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By booking service with Rome Cabs and through this website, you agree to have Read, Understood, and fully Accept All Terms of Service listed below without exception.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that services and information provided by Rome Cabs on this website meets your precise requirements.

If you disagree with any parts of our terms of service as listed below, please DO NOT proceed to use this website to place reservations.



Rome Cabs Limousine Car Service is committed to providing our clients with reliable, punctual service, professional, experienced and courteous chauffeurs, and safe transfers in comfortable vehicles. These are the services we promise to provide.



* Only place your Reservation with Rome Cabs if you are in full agreement with the listed and/or quoted prices for services, and you are confident that they are fair, reasonable, and justifiable. If the prices listed and/or the price you are quoted do not reflect your budget or needs, please do not book via this website or with Rome Cabs.

* If you do not receive prompt confirmation from us, please check your spam folder or any other filters that may have prevented our email from reaching you, and contact us immediately to let us know you have not received our correspondence. If we do not hear from you we assume you have received our correspondence and are in agreement with it.

* Once you submit your reservation form for service provided on this website, you are legally bound to a contract with Rome Cabs.

Transfer Reservations Requests must be placed at least 36 hours in advance.

Reservation requests made less than 36 hours may not be able to be confirmed as it takes up to 24 hours to process reservation requests.

* Quoted prices apply to Rome accommodations that centrally located in or near the historic center. If your accommodation is not centrally located, please email us for a customized quote.

* Service is provided based on availability. Please note availability is unpredictable can change from moment to moment based on the reservations we receive.We cannot guarantee availability in advance, only when the service is actually booked.

IMPORTANT: Correct E-Mail and Telephone Numbers are REQUIRED in each reservation request submitted.

Failure to provide us with your CORRECT email address and telephone number will make it impossible for us and our email correspondence to reach you.

If you do not hear from us within 24 hours you must send us an email to ensure that there is not a failure in communication.  It is the full responsibility of the individual who submitted the reservation request to inquire with our company if correspondence from us was not received within 24-48 hours.

* Each reservation booked is considered an actual booking. Do not utilize the booking form for inquiries. For inquiries please email us at

* Please allow up between 1-2 business days for all email inquiry replies and service confirmations.

If you are a current client and your email requires immediate attention due to any emergencies, please indicate in the subject line: URGENT.

* Reservations are accepted only through our online booking system:



* For departure transfers to Rome Fiumicino Airport, you must provide the Terminal Number of your flight departure. We do not guarantee accuracy of service if you do not provide us with your departure Terminal Number. We also accept no responsibility if you provide the incorrect Terminal Number and you are dropped off at the incorrect Terminal.

Please check the following websites that provide Terminal numbers for flight departures:   and


* We do not accept reservations by telephone, through concierge, or via your transfer chauffeur. Placing a reservation by any other means other than through our website’s Booking Form places you at risk of your reservation not being properly secured and service not provided.

* After you submit your reservation request, you will receive our automated Service Summary email that lets you know we received your request. This is NOT a confirmation of service. Please look over the information you submitted to make sure it’s 100% correct.

* Be sure you specify your exact arrival day and time into Rome, not your departure date and time from your place of origin. (For example, departures from the US arrive the day after in Rome).  Failure to complete all the required information fields and provide 100% accurate information will result in our inability to provide you with service.

* When you receive our confirmation e-mail with your reservation information, you must click on the link provided that indicates you received our confirmation and you agree to the booked information. Failure to click on the provided link may result in your reservation not being processed and a driver may not be dispatched.


* If you need to make CHANGES IN YOUR RESERVATION, please CANCEL your current reservation and REBOOK your service with your new information. This is important so you service information is correct in our system which dispatches the service.


* FOR LAST MINUTE CHANGES such as change in pickup or arrival time, please inform us of the new information via Email, Telephone Call or text message, and include your full name on the reservation and reservation number. If you email us, please mark URGENT in the subject line otherwise you may not receive a reply in time as emails are answered in order they are received. Emails marked URGENT receive priority and answered as quickly as possible. If you don’t hear from us in time, please call us instead as likely we may have not received your email. To avoid miscommunication which will result in incorrect service, we don’t advise making changes through 3rd party persons (concierge, driver, friends, family). Last minute changes made less than 24 hours in advance are confirmed only upon availability.

We cannot guarantee accuracy of bookings or changes made by telephone or 3rd party persons.


* To avoid expensive international call rates and wait time please do not call by telephone to re-confirm a booked service.

Once you click on the LINK in the confirmation of availability email you receive from us, it’s no longer necessary to Re-Confirm as your reservation is therefore secured in our system.



We operate on the Honor System: you trust us to honor our promise to be there for you to pick you up on time and in a professional manner, and we trust that you honor your reservation. Please be considerate and cancel your service at least 7 days in advance.

If you prepay for service via Paypal full refund is issued (minus all PayPal transaction fees) if cancellations are made 7 days in advance. Refunds are not issued for cancellations made less than 7 days in advance. It is advisable to always purchase travelers insurance to cover expenses resulting from unexpected emergencies.


Last minute cancellations on the DATE of the service are not accepted and a No Show fee equal the full amount of the service will be required to be paid by customer. By booking a service via this website you agree to this condition and accept all financial responsibilties associated with last minute cancellations.



Please advise in your reservation if you are traveling with children 8 years and younger.  IF you require a child seat or booster seat to be provided for you please include this request along with the children’s Ages and Weight (in Kilograms) in the Special Request box of our booking form so proper child seats can be included and confirmed.  Without specific requests, child seats are NOT provided as many travelers bring their own.


We are happy to provide child seats or booster seats upon Special Request in the Reservation that are up to European safety standards. The Parents or Legal Guardians are the only parties authorized to install the child seat or booster seat inside the vehicle, and to ensure that each child is safely secured in their safety seat prior to departing.

Drivers, as Non-Parents and Non-Legal Guardians, cannot perform this safety function on behalf of the Parent or Legal Guardian. Drivers will not proceed to depart until the child or children are properly secured inside their respective safety seats.  By requesting a child seat or booster seat, you agree to comply with these terms in full.



Payment for transfer services are due at the end of the journey of each service, and only accepted in Euro funds. You may also pre-pay for your service in advance via PayPal.

If you wish to pay via PayPal, please provide us with your email address associated with your Paypal account and we will send you a bill via PayPal. You must print the email with the PayPal payment information as your voucher to present to your driver on the date of the service. Drivers will ask for payment for the service if not shown the PayPal voucher as proof of payment.

We do NOT accept Credit Card payments.

* You are required to only pay your chauffeur the price you were previously quoted in your confirmation emails. If your chauffeur was misinformed about the price, please ask him to call Stefano Costantini from his/her cellphone immediately at 339-3525028 to confirm the correct price. If you pre-paid for the transfer in advance via PayPal, please have a copy of your receipt to show your chauffeur.


Standard Transfer includes a safe and comfortable transfer to and from the airport or Civitavecchia cruise port with a professional chauffeur licensed by the municipality of Rome, a comfortable deluxe climate controlled vehicle, Italy’s VAT Tax, Fuel cost, Insurance, Airport Parking fee, and applicable toll fees. Gratuity is not included.


* Drivers for Standard Transfers do NOT speak English. They speak either Italian or very basic English. Most of Rome’s English speaking professional drivers specialize in tours not transfers, therefore it is not possible to guarantee English speaking Transfer Chauffeurs. If you prefer an English speaking driver, please see our VIP services that provides English speaking drivers.

* Our Standard Transfers do not include Mini Tours, commentary from your chauffeur, or extra sight seeing on the way to your accommodation. This is strictly a transfer service.

Please Note: If you prefer an English speaking driver who will offer narratives and show you sights along the way, answer travel questions and give travel tips and advise, please book the V.I.P Transfer Service and you will be provided an English speaking Driver Guide with extensive expertise in providing tours, and a mini tour of Rome.



For departures from your ship docked at Civitavecchia Cruise Port, your driver will meet you right on the pier next to your ship holding a sign with your name. Do NOT take any shuttles or buses away from your ship or leave your ship area. Buses and shuttles will take you outside the Port.

Please ensure your pick up time from the Cruise Port is scheduled correctly as last minute changes, especially on the date of the service may not be possible.

If you disembark from the ship earlier than the time you scheduled your pick up, you will be required to wait until your scheduled pick up time. Please note that Rome is 1.5 hours away from Civitavecchia, and last minute pick up time changes to accmmodate early disembarkation is not possible.

Cancellations on the date of the service are not accepted and clients who choose to cancel last minute agree to accept financial responsibiilty of Now Show Fee equal the full amount of the service.



Your chauffeur will arrive at the Meeting Area for your airport pick up approximately 30 minutes after your scheduled flight arrival time, according to the flight information provided to us by the airport and/or airline. This will give you plenty of time to pass through Immigration and Customs and retrieve your luggage.

Please Note that in case the Meeting Point is crowded with other drivers or it is not possible for us to stand there, your chauffeur will still be in the general waiting area holding a sign with your name.

* Drivers are not permitted to wait for clients in restricted areas such as baggage claim.

Your chauffeur will wait at the airport no more than 1 hour and 10 minutes after your flight’s arrival, unless you contact us regarding airport or luggage delays within the first hour. We will retain your driver longer than 1 hour and 10 minutes only if we are promptly notified of any arrival changes. We can not guarantee car service if we do not hear from you within 1 hour of your flight ‘s arrival.

If your flight arrives unexpectedly EARLIER than the originally scheduled arrival time you booked with us, you will be required to wait for the originally scheduled pick up time. There are cafes available near the Meeting Points where you may enjoy a coffee or pastry while you wait. We only guarantee service for the originally scheduled flight arrival time.

If your flight is delayed, cancelled, if you missed your flight, or will be arriving with a different flight and at a different time or different terminal, please call or text message us at the number we provide you with updated information immediately. If you cannot call, send us an email marked URGENT in the subject window. Emails are read between 6 AM- 7 PM.

Failure to notify us of any delays may result in our inability to provide you with car service. We do not provide service for cancelled flights.

If your flight arrives later than 1.5 hours of the original flight arrival time, or you experience luggage issues that delay your exit more than 1.5 hours from the arrival time, please note that we will provide airport pick up service only according to our availability and it may require that you wait for the first available driver to arrive at the airport if one is not available for your delayed arrival time. You will be informed of the estimated wait time in advance as we will do our utmost best to have a driver reach you as quickly as possible to minize the wait.

We can only guarantee on-time service for the time originally booked time. For any last minute changes and delays, service will be provided upon availability.

During the peak travel months of April to November, we operate on a full schedule of contracted services that we are obligated to honor at specific times, therefore we can only accommodate extensive flight delays as our schedule permits. We will do our best to accommodate your late arrival to the best of our ability, availability, and possibility, but please know we can only guarantee airport pick service when clients arrive at the Meeting Point within 1.5 hours of the originally scheduled arrival time.

If you arrive at the airport on a delayed flight and do not see a chauffeur at the Meeting Point with a sign bearing your name, please call us at the number you are provided with and we will send you our first available chauffeur. There are cafes at the Meeting Point areas where you may enjoy a beverage, pastry, and have a seat.

If at the airport you are unable to spot your driver, please do NOT exit or leave the airport. Call us at the number we provide you with and we will help you locate your driver, or vice versa. If you do not have an internationally operating cell phone, there are pay phones available inside the airport that are both coin and credit card operated.

Due to Italy’s Terrorist Laws, car service and limousine companies cannot provide curb-side pick up for your airport arrival because it is unlawful to park at or near the curb and leave vehicles unattended. We are required to park at a designated parking area nearby. You will be required to walk the short distance to the parking area.

Travelers with mobility issues or who may have difficulty walking, must request through their Airline prior to departure date complimentary Wheel Chair Assistance at FCO Airport that will assist them with a wheelchair and assistant free of charge from the plane all the way to the parked vehicle. Otherwise, all travelers are required to walk the necessary distance to the parked vehicle as the Airport Security prohibits drivers to approach arrivals curb side.  We do not accept responsibility for issues or difficulties reaching the vehicle at the Designated Parking Garage on foot if the guests do not request in advance wheelchair assistance.

We are permitted to provide curb side drop off service, provided we do not leave our vehicles unattended, therefore it is unlawful for us to accompany you inside the airport and assist you away from our parked vehicles.



Please note that Standard Transfer Drivers speak only the local language (Italian) or basic English.

Our drivers are selected based on experience, professionalism, reliability, and full knowledge of Rome’s intricate road systems. Our chauffeurs are drug free (with routine testing for drugs and alcohol to ensure full legal compliance and safety), full background checks, and perfect safe driver records.

Suits are not part of the dress code for transfer or tour drivers, therefore your driver may not wear a suit during your transfer or tour.



The vehicles we provide are recent models Opel Vivaro, Lancia (or equivalent), Mercedes Viano, Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Sedan E Class, Mercedes sedans (or equivalent).

* We do not guarantee specific vehicle size, make or model. Our vehicles are provided upon availability.

* Upon special request and advance reservations, we also offer a line of top luxury vehicles such as Mercedes S class, Bentley and Jaguar. Please email us for quotes and availability.

* For more than 3 passengers we provide the first available deluxe mini van, based on the number of passengers and pieces of luggage requested. If you require a larger vehicle, please inform us in the Special Request Box when you book the service so we can accommodate your needs. Please note that additional fees may apply when upgrading to larger vehicles.

* Vehicles are provided based on availability and large enough to accommodate the number of passengers and pieces of luggage.

* Our vehicles are regularly mainatined for optimal safety and performance at Mercedes or Opel Service Centers that are up to industry standards. By booking any services via this website you accept that vehicles are mechanical objects subject to various unpredictable malfunctions that can happen unexpectedly during your service. At no time will you hold RomeCabs responsible or liable for any vehilce malfunctions mechanical or otherwise or issue public complaints for matters beyond our control.


In order to maintain a fresh and clean vehicle for all our clients to enjoy throughout the day, smoking, eating or drinking from cups or other open containers (cans or coffee cups) that are susceptible to spillage is not permitted inside the vehicles. Bottled beverages that can be closed tightly with a cap are welcomed. Please treat the vehicle with respect as to not cause any damage to it, and please consider the travellers who will use it right after you. Thank you for your cooperation.


Pleae note that traffic conditions in and around Rome are often unpredictable and chaotic. Rome Cabs assumes no responsibility for any delays caused by unexpected traffic conditions that are completely beyond our control.

By booking a service via this website you certify that you have read, understood and are in full agreement to not hold Rome Cabs responsible, liable, lay blame or accuse Rome Cabs of untimely or tardy service as result of delayed service caused by traffic conditions beyond our control. 

To avoid late arrivals to your destination, please be sure to book your reservations with plenty of time to spare to compensate for potential traffic delays that may happen on the date of your service.


* Any changes in number of passengers and pieces of luggage in your original reservation request must be confirmed and approved at least 24 hours in advance so we can properly accommodate your needs upon our availability. We cannot guarantee service of additional passengers made last minute if our schedule does not permit it.


Please note: By law we cannot transport passengers from Airports and Cruise Ports that were NOT included in the original reservation voucher. Such activities are punishable by law with steep fines and suspension of our professional license and impounding of our vehicles. If you intend to share your transfer with other travelers, this change must be indicated to us in writing via email at least 24-48 hours in advance so we can process the changes, otherwise additional passengers will be declined as we must obey the laws.


Listed price includes drop off at 1 hotel only. There is a minimum 10 Euro charge for each additional hotel we must stop at, depending on the distance between hotels.
Additional charges apply if hotels are not within the same area.

You must inform us when you book your transfer service if you require stops at multiple hotels so we can quote you the correct price and arrange our schedule accordingly. Failure to provide us with this important information may result in our inability to accommodate multiple hotel stops and all members of the group will be dropped off at one hotel if our schedule does not permit additional stops.



You must specify the exact number of large suitcases and carry-ons in order for us to provide the proper size vehicle for you. Standard minivan can accommodate up to 8 standard size check in suit cases and up to 8 small carry ons.

* Standard size suit cases weigh 50 lbs (23 kg) and do not exceed 62 inches (157 cm) when combining length + width + height.
If bringing oversized luggage, clients must advise the company prior to booking services to ensure all luggage will fit into the standard vehicles. Failure to advise the company of exact number and size of luggage may result in inability to accommodate all luggage together in 1 vehicle and a 2nd vehicle may be needed to be booked at expense of the customer.
Unless advises otherwise, it will be assumed all luggage will be standard size as indicated above.

If you do not specify the exact number of large and small luggage pieces, we will assume you will bring 1 standard size suitcase and 1 carry-on per person and provide a vehicle accordingly.

Failure to provide us with the exact number and size of suit cases and carry ons will result in our inability to provide you with the correct size vehicle or inability to fit all the luggage inside the vehicle.

* Services for 2 passengers are issued a sedan vehicle. If you are a 2 person party bringing extra luggage that you believe may not fit into a sedan vehicle, please infom us that you require extra luggage space in the Special Requst box and you will be upgraded to a minivan for an extra fee.  Failure to request a vehicle upgrade to accommodate extra luggage will result in being provided a standard sedan.

* For services of up to 8 passengers issued a minivan, please note that maximum luggage storage capacity is approximately 7 suit cases and 7 carry ons per vehicle. If you plan to bring additional luggage, you must request a 2nd vehicle to accommodate the extra luggage.

* If you are sharing a transfer and are dropped off at different hotels you are responsible for collecting your correct luggage. Your chauffeur will only unload the luggage you select. We assume no responsibility if you select the incorrect luggage or left luggage behind inside the vehicle. You assume financial responsibility to have any luggage left behind in our vehicles delivered to you.

* LUGGAGE TROLLEYS at the Airport:
Please make use of the available luggage trolleys located next to the luggage carousels for arrivals, as well as at curb-side for departures. It costs 1 Euro (coin) to rent one, and it is a very convenient way to take your luggage with you when you leave Luggage Claims and when you are dropped off by your driver at curbside.

Your Driver will load/unload your check-in luggage inside the vehicle and assist you in any way possible, but we do not provide luggage porter service and your chauffeur cannot carry all your luggage for you. Your chauffeur will assist with your small personal items that contain valuables (such as hand bags, brief cases, back-packs) ONLY upon request. We suggest you make use of the readily available luggage trolleys at the airport.

* When you arrive at your destination, your chauffeur will unload your luggage from the vehicle only. We do not provide porter service for luggage to and from your hotel premises. Hotel and its porters are fully responsible for bringing your luggage from the hotel premises to the vehicle and/or from the vehicle into the hotel premises. If you need assistance with luggage from inside the hotel to your vehicle, please arrange with your hotel concierge, porter, and/or doorman.

* If you book accommodations where porter service is not available, please be sure you are able to personally bring your luggage with you as your chauffeur cannot carry all your luggage or accompany you inside the premises. This is especially true in cases where it is illegal or impossible for us to stop or park near your hotel or accommodation.

* Clients have the full responsibility for their luggage. Please be sure you have all your luggage when you leave the hotel and when you exit the vehicle. RomeCabs and its drivers claim no responsibility for lost or forgotten luggage.

If you are experiencing any problems during your transfer, please call company owner, Stefano Costantini immediately and report your concerns. If you do not have a cell phone, ask the driver to call from his/her cell phone at the number you are already provided with: 339-3525028. If the issue is not urgent, please send an email as soon as possible to so we can resolve your concerns as quickly as possible.


We do not assume any responsibility for delays due to traffic and weather conditions, protest marches, strikes, parking difficulties at the airport, mechanical problems, political unrest and any situations beyond our control.  Traffic in Rome is often chaotic and unpredictable, please keep this in mind when booking hotel pick-ups to the airport or cruise ship in order to allow for plenty of time in case of possible traffic delays.

* In case excessive delays beyond our control prevent us from arriving within 30 minutes of the scheduled pick up time, you will be provided with a replacement chauffeur or we will assist you in making alternative transportation plans so you your schedule will not be severely impacted.

For your personal safety inside the vehicle, we kindly ask that you do not distract your Transfer Chauffeur while he or she is driving. Rome’s traffic is often unpredictable and chaotic, thus requiring your chauffeurs full attention in order to provide you with a safe and comfortable transfer. We ask that you refrain from engaging your Transfer Chauffeur in conversations or point to places for him/her to look at while he/she is driving as these can be very distracting and compromise your safety on the road.

If you have preferences regarding A/C, heat, music, or typically experience motion sickness while driving, please feel free to let your chauffeur know immediately so he/she can accommodate your needs. If you do not make your needs known to your driver he or she would not know in order to make your transfer more comfortable.

According to Italian law, professional drivers are permitted to use their hands free cellphones for work related issues. From time to time you driver may need to make and answer calls as it is part of our job.

* EACH CHAUFFEUR AND TRANSFER SERVICE IS AN INDIVIDUAL AND UNIQUE EXPERIENCE, therefore your experience will not be like the experience of others. Anything aside from our Commitment to Service cannot be considered part of standard service we provide.

In order to maintain a fresh and clean vehicle for all our clients to enjoy throughout the day, smoking, eating or drinking from cups or other open containers (cans or coffee cups) that are susceptible to spillage is not permitted inside the vehicles. Bottled beverages that can be closed tightly with a cap are welcome. Please treat the vehicle with respect as to not cause any damage to it, and please consider the travellers who will use it right after you. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you book an off the beaten path  hotel, B&B or rental apartment be aware that we may not be able to provide door to door service.  In many areas of Rome including piazzas and streets it is either illegal or impossible to park or pass through with our vehicles. In such cases we will do our best to drop you off as close as possible to your place of accommodation.

Please be advised that legal speed on Italy’s highways/motorways may be higher than in many other countries.

The standard legal speed on Italian motorways is 130 Kim (80 miles per hour).

Your Driver will safely obey the legal speed as electronic speed checks are implemented throughout by the state to catch speeders (this is also important to know if you are renting a vehicle on your own).

IMPORTANT: If Italy’s legal driving speed makes you feel uncomfortable, it is your obligation to inform your driver,  and if it is safe to drive at a lower speed your driver will oblige. It is important to note that driving far below the speed recommended by Italy state troopers(110-120 km) can become a traffic hazard as other vehicles try to overtake slower moving vehicles.

Please note that any extra services your chauffeur may provide in addition to what we promise to deliver: a punctual, safe, reliable and courteous transfer in a comfortable vehicle is solely at the discretion and ability of your chauffeur and offered in hopes of receiving a gratuity for the extra services he or she provided, it is not mandated by Rome Cabs and has no reflection on services that Rome Cabs promises and guarantees to provide. Rome Cabs accepts no responsibility or complaints if your chauffeur cannot or does not provide extra services beyond what he is required in order to fulfill our commitment of service.

* We do not tolerate inappropriate, abusive, rude, harassing, or disrespectful behavior by any passenger towards our chauffeurs and staff either in person, over telephone or email. We reserve the right to refuse service at any time (including during transfer service) to any person we deem behaving inappropriately, is intoxicated by alcohol or illegal substances, excessively disturbs the chauffeur while driving in ways that could potentially present a safety risk.



Rome Cabs Limousine Service website contains materials owned or licensed by Rome Cabs, including but not limited to written content, design, photography, videography, graphics and layout. Reproduction or redistribution of any content  in full or in part on this website is prohibited other than solely for personal and non-commercial use on your own personal computer or mobile device.

* For additional information that may be helpful to our clients, links to other websites may be available on this website and blog. These links are not intended to be endorsements of those websites, nor do we accept any responsibility for content or activity on linked websites.

* Linking to this website from any other websites is strictly forbidden without prior written consent from Rome Cabs.



Information our clients are required to share with Rome Cabs (full name, email address, contact telephone number, flight information, etc) is protected and strictly private to be used only as necessary information in order to provide adequate service. It will not be shared with outside parties, made public by any means, or used in any way not originally intended.

* If you experience any issues during the service you receive from Rome Cabs company and/or your chauffeur, you, by virtue of booking service with Rome Cabs, you fully agree to address your issues first to the Rome Cabs Management either via telephone or email to or and give the company the opportunity to address your concerns and offer satisfactory solutions before you publish your concerns on public forums, review sites, blogs, social media, and any place that is on the Internet. Any negative post published without first being brought to the attention to Rome Cabs Management is considered a complete breach of contract, and therefore the poster will be held legally liable for any damages that occurrs from the post. You also agree that any publicly made complaints must also be accompanied by reliable proof that Rome Cabs can request to be examined for accuracy. Any negative reviews without adquate proof of service being reviewed and the issues described in the review will be in direct breach of contract with legal consequences. Any complaints about service that is not specifically included on this website and/or in email correspondences are in breach of contract.

* If you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions or there is something you do not understand, please feel free to ask us via email at and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

* By booking service with Rome Cabs Limousine Car Service you therefore certify that you have fully Read, Understood, and Accepted ALL the above Information and Conditions as they are Provided.  Once you accept the terms and conditions and book your service with RomeCabs,  you therefore entered a contract for service as is and we do NOT accept complaints regarding items listed in the Terms and Conditions, and any party publishing such complaints publicly are in violation of  contract and Terms and Conditions mutually agreed upon and will be personally held liable for damages resulting from such complaints.

Thank you for your kind cooperation,
Rome Cabs Limousine Service Management

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