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By booking any service with Rome Cabs Limousine Car Service and via this website, you declare that you have Read, Understood, and fully Accepted All Terms of Service listed below.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that services and information provided by Rome Cabs on this website meets your precise requirements. If you disagree with any parts of our terms of service, please DO NOT proceed to use this website. If you have any questions about the information below please write us as we are happy to assist.


Rome Cabs Limousine Car Service is committed to providing our clients with reliable, punctual service, professional, experienced and courteous drivers and a safe and comfortable touring service.  Services are provided as detailed on this website. Please be sure to read all information on the tour pages as well as the Terms of Service below to have full understanding of the service you are reserving.



All tours offered on this website are Chauffeured Tours in private vehicle and English speaking Driver who is not a licensed tour guide. The tours offered on this website are NOT walking tours with a licensed tour guide.

Please read the information below pertaining to your Tour Driver.


You are provided a private tour with a Driver who is NOT a Licensed Tour Guide and will not provide services of a guide.

Italy has strict laws and regulations in place to protect licensed tour guides, this it makes it unlawful for Tour Drivers to offer commentary about sites outside the vehicle. In order for us to comply with Italy’s laws, Tour Drivers may not tour our guests near or inside monuments, museums, churches or piazzas.


Only licensed Tour Guides may accompany or guide you at the sites you visit.

For your safety inside the vehicle, drivers provide commentary only when it is deemed safe to do so while driving. When your driver must concentrate during various driving conditions, please refrain from any distracting behavior as your safety during the tour is our top priority.

When it’s not possible to offer commentary while driving, the driver will provide commentary once the vehicle is stopped near the sites you will visit.

* Your tour driver is native Italian, therefore will speak basic scholastic English bearing the accent of his or her native language and English will not be spoken with the perfection or fluency of a native English speaker.

* Drivers are not licensed tour guides, therefore they have very limited and basic knowledge of history, architecture, art, culture and other information pertaining to the places in the tour.  If you seek in depth or detailed information during a tour, we recommend hiring a private licensed tour guide.



Please allow up between 1-2 business days for all email inquiry replies and service confirmations.

Tours and services must be booked online via this website in order to be secured and provided.  Email inquiries or correspondences do not serve as actual reservations and they do not guarantee availability as availability changes depending on actual reservations and confirmations received throughout the day.

If you are a current client and your email requires immediate attention due to any emergencies, please indicate in the subject line: URGENT.



* The price of the tours includes private deluxe vehicle with a professionally licensed English speaking Driver, Italy VAT tax, fuel, insurance, and parking fees.



* Tour prices do NOT include entrance fees to monuments, museums, or any other sites visited, lunch, gratuities,  private tour guides, or other client personal expenses.

The tours are priced per vehicle.



The deluxe vehicles we provide are recent models Opel Vivaro, Mercedes Viano, Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Sprinter,  and Mercedes Sedan E Class. We cannot promise a particular type, model, or size vehicle other than a vehicle suitable to accommodate the number of passengers.

* Our vehicles are regularly maintained for optimal safety and performance at Mercedes or Opel Service Centers that are up to industry standards. By booking any services via this website you accept that vehicles are mechanical objects subject to various unpredictable malfunctions that can happen unexpectedly during your service. At no time will you hold RomeCabs responsible or liable for any vehicle malfunctions mechanical or otherwise or issue public complaints for matters beyond our control.

* Upon special request and advance reservations, we also offer a line of top luxury vehicles such as Mercedes S class, Bentley and Jaguar. Please email us for quotes and availability.



In order to maintain a fresh and clean vehicle for all our clients to enjoy throughout the day, smoking, eating or drinking from cups or other open containers (cans or coffee cups) that are susceptible to spillage is not permitted inside the vehicles. Bottled beverages that can be closed tightly with a cap are welcomed. Please treat the vehicle with respect as to not cause any damage to it. Thank you for your cooperation.



Please do NOT leave personal items and valuables behind in the vehicle.

Take ALL your personal items of value with you when you leave the vehicle to sightsee on foot.  This includes purses, cameras, wallets, phones, day bags, and other items of personal value.

Day bags and backpacks that are not used continuously should be stowed in the vehicle trunk or luggage compartment.

RomeCabs assumes NO responsibility for personal items lost or stolen that have been left behind in the vehicle.  While drivers are with the vehicle most of the time, at times drivers must leave the vehicle unattended in order to assist clients during the tour.   While vehicle break-ins and thefts are rare, they can happen.

Mind your valuables at all times, and keep large sums of money, passports, documents, and credit cards safe in a money belt or close to your person while sightseeing on foot or while having lunch.  Do not carry your wallet in lose pockets, and make sure purses are kept closed and secure at all times.  Use common sense and basic precautions while traveling to avoid falling prey to potential pickpockets.


Tour Groups larger than 8 persons:

Groups larger than 8 persons require more than 1 vehicle as standard private touring vehicles with access into city historic centers can only accommodate up to 8 persons.



If you are touring with luggage, please specify in your reservation the total number of large suitcases and carry-ons in order for us to provide the proper size vehicle for you. Standard minivans can accommodate up to 8 standard size check in suit cases and up to 8 small carry ons.

Standard size check-in suit cases weigh 50 lbs (23 kg) and do not exceed 62 inches (157 cm) when combining length + width + height.

Clients must advise the company prior to booking services  if planning to bring extra luggage or oversized luggage in order to determine if all luggage will fit into the standard vehicles. Unless advises otherwise, it will be assumed all luggage will be standard size as per the above measurements.

Failure to advise the company of exact number and size of luggage may result in our inability to accommodate all luggage together in 1 vehicle and a 2nd vehicle may be needed to be booked at expense of the customer. We accept no responsibility of any consequences resulting from customer failure to inform the company of exact luggage count and/ or if luggage is oversized.



We accept the following modes of payment:
* Euro funds to be paid to the driver at the end of the tour service
* Advance payment via PayPal. If you wish to pre-pay by PayPal, please provide us with your email address associated with your PayPal account and we will issue an invoice for the service.
Please have a printed copy of the prepayment voucher to present to your driver on the day of the tour.
* We do NOT accept Credit Card payments and the vehicles are not equipped with portable credit card facilities.


Don’t worry, we never ask for your personal credit card information, require advance payments, or penalize you for cancellations. We operate on the honor system, so we kindly ask that cancellations be made at least 7 days in advance so we have the opportunity rebook your service and your reserved driver does not lose work for that day. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

If you pre-paid for your tour via PayPal, please cancel at least 7 days in advance to receive full refund (minus the PayPal transaction fee)




We have been providing shore excursions and transfers to cruise passengers for nearly 10 years.  While we make every effort to return you to your ship on time, there can, in extreme circumstances, be incidents  completely out of our control which might delay your arrival back at the port.  For this reason, we recommend passengers return to the port at the recommended time indicated by your tour driver, and buy travel insurance to provide extra security in the unlikely event of a missed boarding.  Your booking with us serves as an acknowledgment that you accept the terms of service and have made the necessary arrangements to minimize disappointments while traveling, and you absolve RomeCabs of any liability due to circumstances beyond our control including and not limited to traffic difficulties, mechanical malfunctions, and weather conditions.

Pick up time for shore excursion, unless otherwise indicated in your reservation, is 8 AM. Disembarking later than 8 AM will take away time from your sightseeing opportunities.  Price of the tour service will not be amended if tour time is shortened due to delay on behalf of the customer.

If you are experiencing delays disembarking your ship for your tour, please contact us immediately so your driver will be informed and will wait for your arrival. Wait time is 1 hour past the scheduled pick up time, after which without information from the customer regarding delays, the driver will be released from duty due to customer no-show.

Meeting Place for Civitavecchia and Livorno Cruise Ports:
For pick ups from your ship docked at Civitavecchia and Livorno Cruise Port, your driver will meet you right on the pier next to your ship holding a sign with your name. Do NOT take any shuttles or buses away from your ship or leave your ship area. Buses and shuttles will take you outiside the Port.


Meeting Place for Port of Naples:
The Port of Naples requires passengers to make their way to where the Taxi Area is, the only area permitted for car service vehicles to park and wait for their clients. Your driver will be standing next to his or her vehicle holding a sign with your name.


Additional passengers:
We only accept passengers for shore excursions that are booked and confirmed in advance. 

Any last minute additions to the number of passengers must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance so we can update your reservation and revise the new price of the tour. In order to comply with Port Authority and security, we can only transport the number of passengers declared in the reservation voucher we have to present when asked by security.

Please note that only participants with entry tickets purchased in advance and with the printed ticket vouchers will be able to visit the Colosseum and Vatican Museums. Any last minute participants who are not in possession of their advance no line tickets may either have to wait in long lines or not be able to enter.


Vatican Museums:

During peak travel months the Vatican Museums may be extremely crowded, and may be hot during summer months. Please take this into consideration if uncomfortable in crowded places and are sensitive to heat. Rome Cabs bears no responsibility for the conditions present inside the Vatican.

Vatican Museums are a series of labyrinthine halls and galleries that take at minimum a full day to properly visit. On a Rome tour, you have limited time in which to visit the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica. This time restraint will not allow for a comprehensive visit to the Museums and you will only have the opportunity to see the highlights. A private licensed Vatican Guide will ensure that you will visit the most important galleries and halls, see the most important pieces of art, and will tour the Vatican within the allotted time. Because of the size of the Vatican and the complexity the museums it is possible for those unfamiliar with the Vatican to get lost and not exit the Vatican on time. On shore excursions it is very important to exit the Vatican at the appointed time in order to arrive to your ship in time for boarding.

For these reasons we highly recommend booking a private Vatican Guide to enhance your visit experience to the Vatican and ensure a timely exit to the appropriate Meeting Point to meet your driver.

If you would like to book a Vatican Guide, please see the section below on Private Licensed Tour Guides/Vatican Guides.

If you choose not to book a Vatican Guide, you accept full responsibility if you do not see all the sites and artwork you intended to see, have difficulty navigating through the Museum, or exit the Vatican later than the appointed time. If you exit the Vatican late during a shore excursion you agree to accept full responsibility should you arrive late for boarding. By choosing not to book a Vatican Guide you absolve Rome Cabs of any liabilities regarding your Vatican visit.


Private Licensed Tour Guides/ Vatican Guides:

If you would like to reserve a personal English speaking licensed guide to provide you with a private tour of the Colosseum/Roman Forum and Vatican Museums and St Peter’s Basilica, please indicate by checking the GUIDE option on your booking form. You may also indicate in the Special Request box the places you wish to have a Private Licensed Guide accompany you.

We will make all private touring arrangements with an experienced English speaking Tour Guide licensed by the Municipality of Rome who is in good professional standing.

Private licensed tour guides are not employees or affiliates of Rome Cabs as they operate independently.  We only only place the reservation for private guided tours with My Rome Guides on your behalf as a complimentary service for our clients. We receive no compensation or benefit in any way from the hired guides for booking their services for our clients. We recommend their services based on their lawful qualifications, expertise, professionalism and reliability and we have no control of the style of tours they provide.

Allowing us to book a licensed guide on your behalf  serves as an acknowledgement that you will not hold Rome Cabs responsible or liable for the style of tours Private Guides provide as they are not part of Rome Cabs company, and you understand that the private guides are not a part of RomeCabs Limousine Car Service.


Religious themed Vatican Tours

Tour guides licensed by the local municipalities are required to have extensive knowledge in areas of History, Architecture and Art, not religion.

Licensed tour guides do NOT provide religious (Christian or Catholic) themed tours of the Vatican or elsewhere.

If you wish to have a Vatican tour with religious content, we recommend that you make independent arrangements via the Vatican or your local church as they can best assist you.



Are you traveling with children?  

So we can provide a family friendly experience, please let us know in the booking form of your our if you are traveling with children.

If YES, in the special request box let us the ages of the children so we can best assist our guests who are traveling with young children who may require child or booster seats.

Tours offered includes content and subjects such as  History, Ancient Rome, Architecture, Culture, Art, and other subjects that may or may not be of interest to children of various ages.  Italy is a history rich country and this cultural heritage is reflected on our tours of Italy’s historic monuments, squares, churches and museums.

If you are interested in “kid friendly‘ activities in Rome we are happy to suggest other venues you can explore separately during your stay in Rome that are more suitable for children and provides an enjoyable family experience. 



We are happy to provide child seats or booster seats upon request that are up to European safety standards.  The Parents or Legal Guardians are the only parties authorized to install the child seat or booster seat inside the vehicle, and to ensure that each child is safely secured in their safety seat prior to departing.

Drivers, as Non-Parents and Non-Legal Guardians, cannot perform this safety function on behalf of the Parent or Legal Guardian. Drivers will not proceed to depart until the child or children are properly secured inside their respective safety seats.  By requesting a child seat or booster seat, you agree to comply with these terms in full.


Drop off at attraction sites:
Your driver will drop you off as close to the sites you are visiting as legally possible according to traffic laws of Rome. We cannot stop directly next to historic sites as it would be a traffic violation.


Re-Confirmation of Service:
* We cannot re-confirm services by phone as it requires extra time to look up your information and it may not be done instantly. In order for us to better assist you, please re-confirm only via Text Message to the contact telephone number provided to you, or Email. Please provide your Full Name and Reservation Number of the service you would like to re-confirm.

* Ambience Inside Your Vehicle
If you have preferences regarding A/C, heat, music, or typically experience motion sickness while driving, please feel free to let your chauffeur know immediately so he/she can accommodate your needs. If you do not make your needs known to your driver he or she would not know in order to make your transfer more comfortable.

* If you have difficulty hearing your driver speak, please ask him or her to speak louder.
Vehicles are not equipped with microphones or audio systems. Local authorities deem usage of microphones and audio system by Drivers an unnecessary distraction and a safety concern, therefore only licensed tour guides or licensed tour companions are lawfully permitted to use microphones and audio system inside the vehicle.

For anyone who is hearing impaired or has trouble hearing the driver speak from the back of the vehicle, please let us know prior to booking your tour so you can be informed of your options.

According to Italian law, professional drivers are permitted to use their hands free cell phones for work related issues. From time to time you driver may need to make and answer calls as it is part of our job. By booking any touring or transfer services via this website you agree not not object to the use of cell phone for work related matters by your driver during the course of your service.

Please be aware that legal speed on Italy’s highways/motorways may be higher than in many other countries. Your chauffeur will safely obey the legal speed as electronic speed checks are implemented throughout by the state to catch speeders (this is also important to know if you are renting a vehicle on your own).

If Italy’s legal speed makes you feel uncomfortable, it is the obligation of the customer to ask the chauffeur if it is safe to drive at a lower speed, but please keep in mind that driving too much below the speed limit becomes a traffic hazard as other vehicles try to overtake slower moving vehicles.
IMPORTANT: Any problems during your tour must be resolved with company immediately.

If you are experiencing any issues or problems during the tour, please call us at the telephone number provided. If you do not have a working cellphone, please ask your driver to call the office from his or her cellphone so we can help you and resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

If you experienced any issues during your tour and did not call the company during the tour to rectify the situation,  you agree to inform the company immediately by email of the issues you experienced and allow the company reasonable attempts to resolve your issues satisfactorily before publishing any complaints anywhere publicly, including social sites, traveler review sites, blogs, and any other areas on the Internet. If the company resolves your issues satisfactorily and the matter is resolved, you agree to refrain from publishing any negative comments, ratings, or reviews about RomeCabs on the internet or otherwise. Failure to honor this agreement is considered a breach of contract and the terms which you agreed prior to booking your service and entering a legal contract with RomeCabs. Legal remedies may be seeked as a result of any contract violations.



Rome Cabs Limousine Service website contains materials owned or licensed by Rome Cabs, including but not limited to written content, design, photography, videography, graphics, color and layout. Reproduction or redistribution of any content  in full or in part from this website is prohibited other than solely for personal and non-commercial use on your own personal computer or mobile device and not shared publicly. Photographs and Videos on this website are copyrighted and property of RomeCabs Limousine Service.

* For additional information that may be helpful to our clients, links to other websites may be available on this website and blog. These links are not intended to be endorsements of those websites, nor do we accept any responsibility for content or activity on linked websites.

* Linking to this website from any other websites is strictly forbidden without prior written consent from Rome Cabs.

* If you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions or there is something you do not understand, please feel free to ask us via email at and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

* By booking service with Rome Cabs Limousine Car Service you therefore certify that you have fully Read, Understood, and Accepted ALL the above Information and Conditions exactly as they are Provided with no exception, and you accept full responsibility of any issues that may result from lack of reading, understanding, and accepting the Terms of Service.

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