Rome to and from Assisi Transfer

Private Transfers between Rome and Assisi


Stefano’s RomeCabs is pleased to offer long-distance non-stop private transfers between Italy’s major cities.

This private long-distance transfer service is offered with the following pick-up and drop-off options:

- Transfer from Rome to Assisi /  Transfer from Assisi to Rome
- Transfer from FCO Fiumicino Airport to Assisi / Transfer from Assisi to Fiumicino
- Transfer from Ciampino Airport to Assisi / Transfer from Assisi to Ciampino Airport


ROME - ASSISI Transfer Prices

  • For up to 4 Persons 470 EUROS
  • For up to 6 Persons 520 EUROS
  • For up to 8 Persons600 EUROS



  • For up to 4 Persons: 550 EUROS
  • For up to 6 Persons: 600 EUROS
  • For up to 8 Persons: 700 EUROS


* Listed Prices are for DAYTIME Driver Services Booked and Provided between 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

* NIGHT TIME services 7 PM - 7 AM are  100 EUROS EXTRA

DATES on the Booking Form Calendar that are NOT Selectable,  are  NOT AVAILABLE.
LUGGAGE: Please see the Luggage information below.


Private Transfers from Rome to Assisi Italy


We make getting from Rome to Assisi an easy, comfortable, and effortless journey in our private deluxe vehicles and personal professional driver at your service.  Your luggage will travel with you secured in your vehicle’s luggage compartment for the ultimate convenience.

With our long-distance transfers in Italy, you will never have to rely on Italy’s limited train or bus routes and schedules, deal with crowded and chaotic train stations, figure out how to find your hotel or accommodation, and be burdened with your heavy luggage. 

When you book our transfer from Rome to Assisi (or a transfer from Assisi to Rome), you will arrive at your final destination well-rested, carefree, and excited to continue your unforgettable holiday in Italy.

Our Private transfers between Rome and Assisi are ideal for families, senior travelers, travelers with mobility concerns, travelers with a lot of luggage, and discerning travelers who choose to travel through Italy safely, comfortably, and effortlessly.


Transfers from FCO Fiumicino Airport to Assisi Umbria Italy RomeCabs



Never worry again about how to get to Assisi from Fiumicino Airport.  We will pick you up from FCO Fiumicino Airport and take you directly to your final destination in Assisi for the most convenient and efficient way to reach Assisi from the airport. 

Need to go from Assisi FCO Airport? Not a problem! We will pick you up in Assisi and take you to the airport safely and comfortably for your flight departure.

  • TRAVEL TIME between Fiumicino Airport and Assisi is approximately 3 Hours (* Pending traffic, road conditions, and rest stops)


  • Private Deluxe Vehicle
  • Personal Driver
  • All Italy VAT and Taxes
  • Highway Tolls, Parking Fees, Road Expenses

not included

  • Unscheduled stops
  • Sightseeing visits enroute
  • Gratuities

Important Information




Advance PREPAYMENT via PayPal or Credit Card during the confirmation process.


Cancellations must be made at least 7 DAYS prior to the Time of Service. Cancellations can only be accepted by E-Mail and confirmed by our office. Cancellations are not accepted via phone, text message, or 3rd party.

* Cancelations for PREPAID SERVICES will be refunded the Net Rate we receive from your prepayment.  Net Rate: actual service price minus PayPal/Credit Card fees retained by PayPal/Credit Card as they do not reimburse us the fees they retain from your payment. 

** Refunds are NOT ISSUED for cancelations LESS than 7 DAYS or No-Shows. Please double-check the correct date of your booking to avoid costly errors.



Sedans priced for 1-2 passengers can accommodate up to 2 standard suitcases and up to 2 small carryons.

Minivans for up to 8 passengers can accommodate up to 6 suitcases and up to 6 carry-ons in TOTAL. If you anticipate bringing luggage in excess of what the standard 8-seater vans can accommodate, please inform us prior to booking this service so we can help ensure that everyone and their luggage will travel safely inside the vehicle.


* MEETING POINT at hotel/accommodation:

Your private driver will meet you inside the lobby of your hotel or in areas permitted by your hotel management.

For Apartments or B&Bs without a lobby, your driver will meet you outside the main entrance of your Pick Up Address.

* DOOR-TO-DOOR SERVICE  is possible if your accommodation address is not in a traffic or parking-restricted area. In case you are staying in an area with traffic and/or parking restrictions, your driver will park as close as lawfully possible and meet you outside at your address for your pick-up and accompany you to the parked vehicle, or accompany you to your hotel address from the parked vehicle for drop-offs.

If Door-to-Door service is important to you, prior to booking your hotel or accommodation in Rome and Montepulciano, check with them to ensure that they are located on a street or square accessible to vehicles able to stop to load and unload passengers at their front door.




After you clear customs and collect your luggage in the "Baggage Claims Area", proceed to exit into the main Waiting Hall. Your driver will meet you in the Designated Area for Drivers marked by large round Columns (labeled LIMO) where you will see all other drivers waiting for their clients.

At FCO Airport ALL PASSENGERS will either exit from Terminal 1 or Terminal 3, even if airlines state arrival at Terminal 2 or Terminal 5. Drivers will monitor FCO Airport Arrival Flight monitors to verify exit points.

ALL Driver Service vehicles are required by Airport Security to be parked in a Designated Parking Area that is a few minutes walking distance from the Terminal. ALL travelers are required to make their way to that Designated Parking Area. Curbside pick up is PROHIBITED at the Airports.

Please use LUGGAGE TROLLEYS available in the Baggage Claims area near the Luggage Carousels to make carrying your luggage from Baggage Claims to your vehicles easy.

Travelers with mobility issues are encouraged to contact their Airline Company and reserve in advance Complimentary Wheelchair Assistance at FCO Airport to be met at the plane and assisted all the way to the vehicle. 


  • For Ciampino Airport to Assisi Transfers

Ciampino is a smaller airport than Fiumicino Airport it makes it easy to locate your driver waiting for you with a sign bearing your name. Ciampino Airport has only 1 exit. Your driver will meet you outside the terminal, just after you exit through the sliding doors.


FAQ about  Rome - Assisi Transfers with RomeCabs:

Q1:  What are the pick-up and drop-off options for the Rome - Assisi transfer service? 

A1:   You can choose to transfer from Rome to Assisi or from Assisi to Rome. Additionally, transfers are available from FCO Fiumicino Airport to Assisi, and from Assisi to Fiumicino Airport.


Q2:  How much does the Rome - Assisi transfer service cost?

A2:  You will find our current prices published right on this page for convenience


Q3. What is included in the Fiumicino Airport - Assisi transfer service? 

A3:  The Fiumicino Airport - Assisi transfer service includes a private deluxe vehicle, a personal driver, all Italy VAT and taxes, highway tolls, parking fees, and road expenses.


Q4:  Where is Assisi, Italy?

A4:  Assisi is located in the region of Umbria, in central Italy


Q5:  How far is Assisi from Rome?

A5:  Assisi is approximately 185 Km from Rome (about 2.5 hours by car)


Q6:  How far is Assisi from FCO Airport?

A6:  Assisi is approximately 210 Km from Fiumicino Airport (about 3 hours by car)


Q7:  Is Assisi worth visiting?

A7:  Assisi is one of the most beautiful medieval hilltowns in Italy built mostly with the locally quarried stone of pale pink and gray adding a special charm and beauty to its already beautiful buildings and architecture. Assisi is also important because of its art, history, culture, and spiritual atmosphere.


Q8:  What is Assisi famous for?

A8:  Assisi is mostly known for being the birthplace of Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Claire, two of Italy’s most prominent saints and leaders of the Franciscan movement.  Assisi is also a popular destination for pilgrims.


Q9:  How long should you stay in Assisi?

A9:  Many travelers choose to stay in Assisi for a few days and experience the magic of this medieval town. You can spend about 3 days to get the most out of your sojourn in Assisi and experience its charms and beauty.  Since Assisi is popular with day trippers, you can enjoy evenings in Assisi free of the usual daytime crowds.


Q10:  Can you visit Assisi from Rome?

A10:  Certainly! Day Tours from Rome to Assisi are quite popular with travelers who don’t have much time on their vacation for a longer stay. Day Tours to Assisi make it easier to visit Assisi and see more in one day than traveling by train and bus.


Q11:  What is there to see and do in Assisi?

A11:  While Assisi is a relatively small town, it offers a wealth of fascinating places to see and explore. We compiled a list of some of the best things to see in Assisi.

- Basilica of Saint Francis - This is the most important basilica in Assisi, constructed in 1228 to house the remains of Saint Francis. The stone sarcophagus of Saint Francis is located underground in the Cripta di San Francesco.  The basilica is comprised of 2 levels (Upper Basilica and Lower Basilica), each architecturally and artistically different yet both inspiring and magnificent with medieval frescoes by famous Medieval painters such as Giotto and Cimabue.

- Basilica of Santa Chiara / Basilica of Saint Claire - Considered one of the oldest standing Gothic-Italian structures in Assisi, this basilica is dedicated to Saint Claire who founded the Order of Poor Ladies following the faith of Saint Francis. The basilica houses the crypt of Saint Clarie as well as the wooden Crucifix previously located in San Damiano that allegedly spoke to Saint Francis ordering him to restore the church.

- San Ruffino Basilica - this stunning basilica is desiccated to San Rufino, the bishop of Amaziah, Turkey who arrived in Assisi in the 3rd century preaching the gospel and was martyred for his faith.

- Church of Santo Stefano - Tiny, rustic, and off the beaten path, the medieval church of Santo Stefano merits a stop for its unique simplicity. Franciscan tradition tells us that the bells of this old church were heard ringing on their own accord at the moment of the death of Saint Francis at the hour of Vespers on October 3, 1226.

- Santa Maria delle Rose (admire the permanent exhibition of Mary) - this lovely church was built in the 12th century on foundations of a prior Roman terrace, It currently hosts the permanent exhibition of Maria, inspiring sculptures by artist Guido Dettoni.

- Oratory of San Francesco Piccolino - this oratory located near Piazza del Comune towards Basilica of Santa Chiara is the birthplace of Saint Francis. Look for the archway entrance and descend the stairs. The oratory will be on your left.

- Piazza del Comune - Relax in the town’s main square surrounded by important buildings as well as the Temple of Minerva. Outdoor cafes and restaurants surround this popular square for a relaxing respite.

- Temple of Minerva / Church of Santa Maria Sopra  Minerva - In ancient times Assisi was a Roman city, and in its ancient Forum was a 1st century BC Temple of Minerva - currently in Piazza del Comune. Inside the temple, a church was established by the name of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva (Saint Mary above Minerva) that in the 17th century was renovated in the Baroque style that we can admire today.

- Stroll along Via San Francesco - one of the many enjoyable things to do in Italy is strolling along the main roads that are lined with beautiful buildings and an abundance of shops, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, artisan shops, and more!

- Rocca Maggiore -  situated above Assisi, Rocca Maggiore was a fortified castle that dominated the area for more than 800 years. Built in 1316, it included two fortresses: Major and Minor. Today, the remains of this once formidable castle offer spectacular views of Assisi below and the Umbrian landscapes into the horizon.

- Monastery of San Damiano - The church of San Damian is an old 8th-century church that, during the life of Saint Francis, it was in a state of disrepair.  It is here while in prayer that Francis heard God speak to him through the hanging Crucifix ordering him to repair His church.  The church became an abbey where Saint Clair formed the Order of Poor Ladies (also known as the Order of the Poor Claires). Here was where Saint Francis wrote Canticles of the Creatures before his death.

- Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli - located downhill from Assisi in the town by the same name, Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli houses the Porziuncola - the chapel where Saint Francis founded his Order of the Friars Minor, and the Capella del Transito, which was an infirmary where Saint Francis died on October 3, 1226.

- The Carceri Hermitage - nestled in a forest in the mountains about a 15-minute drive from Assisi,  this hermitage is where Francis would go to meditate.

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