Rome to and from Lucca Transfer

Transfers from Fiumicino Airpoort / Rome to and from Lucca


Stefano’s RomeCabs is pleased to offer long-distance non-stop private transfers between Italy’s major cities.

This private long-distance transfer service is offered with the following pick-up and drop-off options:

-  Transfer from Rome to Lucca, Tuscany / Transfer from Lucca, Tuscany to Rome
-  Transfer from Ciampino,  Fiumicino Airport to Lucca
-  Transfer from Lucca to Fiumicino Hotels


ROME - LUCCA Transfer Price:

  • For up to 4 Persons:   780 EUROS
  • For up to 6 Persons  850 EUROS
  • For up to 8 Persons:   980 EUROS



  • For up to 4 Persons:    800 EUROS
  • For up to 6 Persons:    880 EUROS
  • For up to 8 Persons:  1,000 EUROS


* Listed Prices are for DAYTIME Driver Services Booked and Provided between 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

* NIGHT TIME services 7 PM - 7 AM are  100 EUROS EXTRA

** The Listed Price is for a 1 Way Direct Transfer. It does not include sightseeing, unscheduled stops, or round-trip

DATES on the Booking Form Calendar that are NOT Selectable,  are  NOT AVAILABLE.
LUGGAGE: Please see the Luggage information below.


Transfer from Rome to Lucca Tuscany to Rome Transfers


We make getting from Rome to Lucca an easy, comfortable, and effortless journey in our private deluxe vehicles and personal professional driver at your service.  Your luggage will travel with you secured in your vehicle’s luggage compartment for the ultimate convenience.

With our long-distance transfers in Italy, you will never have to rely on Italy’s limited train or bus routes and schedules, deal with crowded and chaotic train stations, figure out how to find your hotel or accommodation, and be burdened with your heavy luggage. 

When you book our transfer from Rome to Lucca (or a transfer from Lucca to Rome), you will arrive at your final destination well-rested, carefree, and excited to continue your unforgettable holiday in Italy.

Our Private transfers between Rome and Lucca are ideal for families, senior travelers, travelers with mobility concerns, travelers with a lot of luggage, and discerning travelers who prefer traveling through Italy safely, comfortably, and effortlessly.


Transfer from FCO Fiumicino to Lucca Tuscany Transfers to Fiumicino Rome Airport FCO



Never worry again about how to get to Lucca from Fiumicino Airport. We will pick you up from FCO Fiumicino Airport and take you directly to your final destination in Lucca for the most convenient and efficient way to reach Lucca from the airport.

Flying from Fiumicino Airport at the end of your Italy vacation? If you will be staying at a hotel in Fiumicino before your departure flight, your private driver will pick you up at your hotel in Lucca and take you to a hotel in Fiumicino safely and comfortably.

  • TRAVEL TIME between Fiumicino and Lucca is approximately 4 - 4.5 Hours (* Pending traffic, road conditions, and rest stops)


  • Private Deluxe Vehicle
  • Personal Driver
  • All Italy VAT and Taxes
  • Highway Tolls, Parking Fees, Road Expenses

not included

  • Unscheduled stops
  • Sightseeing visits enroute
  • Gratuities

Important Information



Payment for this Rome - Lucca Transfer can be made in EUROS directly to your driver on the Date of Service, or prepaid in advance via PayPal or Credit Card 

If you wish to PREPAY via PayPal or Credit Card, you may do so online when CONFIRMING your booking by SELECTING your preferred option of payment.



Cancellations for Long-Range Transfers must be made at least 7 DAYS prior to the Time of Service. Cancellations can only be accepted by E-Mail and confirmed by our office. Cancellations are not accepted via phone, text message, or 3rd party.

* Cancelations for PREPAID SERVICES will be refunded the Net Rate we receive from your prepayment.  Net Rate: actual service price minus PayPal/Credit Card fees retained by PayPal/Credit Card as they do not reimburse us the fees they retain from your payment. 

** Refunds are NOT ISSUED for cancelations LESS than 7 Days or No-Shows. Please double-check the correct date of your booking to avoid costly errors.



Sedans priced for 1-2 passengers can accommodate up to 2 standard suitcases and up to 2 small carryons.

Minivans for up to 8 passengers can accommodate up to 6 suitcases and up to 6 carry-ons in TOTAL. If you anticipate bringing luggage in excess of what the standard 8-seater vans can accommodate, please inform us prior to booking this service so we can help ensure that everyone and their luggage will travel safely inside the vehicle.


* MEETING POINT at hotel/accommodation:

Your private driver will meet you inside the lobby of your hotel or in areas permitted by your hotel management.

For Apartments or B&Bs without a lobby, your driver will meet you outside the main entrance of your Pick Up Address.

* DOOR-TO-DOOR SERVICE  is possible if your accommodation address is not in a traffic or parking-restricted area. In case you are staying in an area with traffic and/or parking restrictions, your driver will park as close as lawfully possible and meet you outside at your address for your pick-up and accompany you to the parked vehicle, or accompany you to your hotel address from the parked vehicle for drop-offs.

If Door-to-Door service is important to you, prior to booking your hotel or accommodation in Rome and Montepulciano, check with them to ensure that they are located on a street or square accessible to vehicles able to stop to load and unload passengers at their front door.



After you clear customs and collect your luggage in the "Baggage Claims Area", proceed to exit into the main Waiting Hall. Your driver will meet you in the Designated Area for Drivers marked by large round Columns (labeled LIMO) where you will see all other drivers waiting for their clients.

At FCO Airport ALL PASSENGERS will either exit from Terminal 1 or Terminal 3, even if airlines state arrival at Terminal 2 or Terminal 5. Drivers will monitor FCO Airport Arrival Flight monitors to verify exit points.

ALL Driver Service vehicles are required by Airport Security to be parked in a Designated Parking Area that is a few minutes walking distance from the Terminal. ALL travelers are required to make their way to that Designated Parking Area. Curbside pick up is PROHIBITED at the Airports.

Please use LUGGAGE TROLLEYS available in the Baggage Claims area near the Luggage Carousels to make carrying your luggage from Baggage Claims to your vehicles easy.

Travelers with mobility issues are encouraged to contact their Airline Company and reserve in advance Complimentary Wheelchair Assistance at FCO Airport to be met at the plane and assisted all the way to the vehicle. 


Ciampino is a smaller airport than Fiumicino Airport it makes it easy to locate your driver waiting for you with a sign bearing your name. Ciampino Airport has only 1 exit. Your driver will meet you outside the terminal, just after you exit through the sliding doors.



Where is Lucca?

Lucca is a medieval city near the Serchio River in Italy’s Tuscany region.

How far is Lucca from Rome?

Lucca is approximately 365 Km from Rome (about 4.5 hours by car)

How far is Lucca from Fiumicino Airport?

Lucca is approximately 355 Km from Fiumicino Airpot (approximately 4.5 hours by car)

Is Lucca worth visiting?

Absolutely!  Lucca is one of the most beautiful medieval walled cities in Italy. Since Lucca is flat, walking or cycling around Lucca is easy. Its medieval landscape, impressive architecture, beautiful squares, and picturesque streets and alleyways make Lucca a perfect Tuscan town to visit.

How long should you stay in Lucca?

To enjoy the best of Lucca at a relaxing page, you may consider staying 2-3 days

What is Lucca famous for?

Lucca is most famous for its imposing city walls,  impressive towers, the birthplace of the famous Tuscan opera composer Giacomo Puccini, Festivals such as Lucca Comics and music festivals.

What is there to see and do in Lucca?

Although Lucca is not a big city,  there is plenty to see and do during your stay. Here are some of the top things to see and do in Lucca:

- Stroll or bike along Lucca’s city walls - The massive city walls that circle Lucca once kept it safe from invaders.  In modern times, the locals enjoy strolling, jobbing, and cycling along these magnificent walls.

- Relax in Piazza dell Anfiteatro - the most famous square in Lucca, this square takes its name from the ancient Roman Amphitheater upon which the square and buildings were built in the middle ages.

- Admire Lucca’s medieval towers - In the middle ages there were almost 200 towers in Lucca that represented symbols of wealth and power: the higher the tower, the weather and more important its owner was. Today, there are 3 stunning towers that are still the “medieval skyscrapers” of Lucca: Torrw delle Ore (Clock Tower),  Torre Guingi (upon which seven holm oak trees were planted in sand-filled boxes), and Saint Martin Bell Tower,

- Climb the Lucca’s towers - if you don’t mind the climb, it’s possible to climb to the top of Guingi Towe and the Clock Tower

- Visit Churches in Lucca - don’t miss the opportunity to visit Lucca’s Duomo di San Martino, the Church of San Michele, and the Basilica of San Frediano.

- Explore Lucca's historical center - Lucca was made for walking, strolling, and bicycling. Take the opportunity to explore the historical town along its ancient streets.

- Shopping in Lucca - if you enjoy shopping or window shopping, don’t miss Lucca’s main shopping zone along Via Fillungo and Via Santa Lucia.