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Panoramic Rome for Cruisers


We are pleased to introduced our frequently requested Panoramic Rome For Cruisers shore excursion from Civitavecchia - a leisurely and comfortable way for consummate cruisers to experience Rome’s highlights, and avoid overly crowded tourist attraction with lengthy security lines and advance admission tickets that limit flexibility and sightseeing opportunities.

On our Panoramic Rome for Cruisers shore excursion, you will enjoy the Eternal City’s most vibrant squares and famous fountains made sweeter with delightful local coffee and gelato for an unforgettable La Dolce Vita experience, visit and admire the most imposing and iconic Ancient Roman monuments, and discover Rome Underground in one of Rome’s most fascinating churches for an unforgettable journey through the layers of distant times of Ancient Rome.

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* Starting from CIVITAVECCHIA Cruise Port
Your English speaking RomeCabs driver will pick you up on the pier next to your ship in Civitavecchia at 8:00 AM to begin your journey to Rome.
* Starting from ROME HOTEL accommodation

Our Panoramic Rome Tour is also available as a Day Tour starting from your Rome accommodation.
Your English speaking RomeCabs driver will pick you up at your hotel accommodation at 9:00 AM




On our Panoramic Rome Tour, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the following famous locations in the Eternal City. Enjoy Rome’s lively piazzas filled with charm, character, history, and camera-happy visitors.



. Panoramic Rome for Cruisers with RomeCabs



Not to be missed in Rome is the Pantheon, the imposing monument that overlooks the lively Piazza della Rotonda and its large baroque fountain topped by a 20 foot ancient Egyptian obelisk originally constructed by Pharaoh Ramses II for the Temple of Ra in Heliopolis.

This fascinating 2nd century AD ancient rotund Roman pagan Temple dedicated to all gods was converted into the Santa Maria dei Martiri church in 609 AD.

The Pantheon is not only is one of the most inspirational architectural wonders of Ancient Rome, but the longest ancient monument in continuous use - and still in perfect condition.

One of Pantheon’s most remarkable features is its massive dome that is still the world’s largest un-reinforced dome, and it has marveled and inspired architects throughout history. The oculus in its center is open to the sky and nature’s elements, allowing light and rain to fall through.

As you stand inside its vast circular interior, you are surrounded by tombs of Italy’s most illustrious and recognizable figures: Italy’s King Vittorio Emanuele II, King Umberto and Queen Margherita, and the famous artist Raphael.



 Trevi Fountain Panoramic Rome for Cruisers

You know you are near the Trevi Fountain, when you begin to hear the soft melodic sounds of the Baroque fountain with water gushing from Neptune the sea god riding a seashell chariot drawn by sea horses.

Here you can follow the tradition of tossing a coin into the fountain to ensure another visit to Rome. This fountain has been featured in popular classics: “Three Coins in A Fountain”, “La Dolce Vita”, and “Vacanze Romane”. You’ll be happy to know that the coins thrown in the fountain are collected each night (some 3,000 Euros of them!) and donated to charity.




You will also have the opportunity to admire the picturesque Spanish Steps with its elegant and windy stairway that connects the obelisk and Church of Trinity above with Fontana della Barcaccia (the Fountain of the Old Boat) below.

The function of the steps is not just to climb, but as you will see, many people use the steps to sit, people watch, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of this famous square. To the right as you face the steps is the building where the famous English writer John Keats lived.



 Piazza Navona Panoramic Rome for Cruisers

The vibrant Piazza Navona is a symphony of fountains in an oblong square embraced by earth toned historic buildings and made colorful by a variety of vibrant paintings and drawings exhibited by local artists.

Piazza Navona takes its shape and name from the ancient 1st century AD Roman stadium by Emperor Domitian that was used for athletic competitions. The square today rests over the interior arena of this ancient stadium. The name Navona is rooted in the ancient word for games, ‘agones’.

The grandiose 17th century fountain that dominates the square is Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s Fountain of Four Rivers (Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi) that represents the four major rivers of the four known continents of that time: Nile (Africa), Danube (Europe), Ganges (Asia) and Rio de la Plata (America). The fountain is topped by an ancient Egyptian obelisk commissioned by Pope Innocent X.



 St Peter Square Panoramic Rome for Cruisers

One of the most famous squares in Rome is Saint Peter’s Square. This spacious square welcomes visitors to the largest and most famous church in Christendom: Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Built anew in 1600’s, the Basilica was designed by some of Renaissance’s most talented sculptors and architects such as Bramante, Bernini and Michelangelo.

The vast elliptical space of the square was designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini to allow the greatest number of people to see the Pope give his blessings. The classic 4 column deep Tuscan colonnades topped with 140 statues of various saints define the space that, according to Bernini, embraces the visitors in the arms of the Mother Church.

While in the square, be sure to catch Bernini’s point of illusion: there is a special spot marked by a small disk that by standing on it and looking at the colonnade closest to you, the columns all line up to give you the illusion that there is only 1 column, not a row of 4.

The center of Saint Peter’s Square is dominated by the 84 foot tall ancient Egyptian obelisk originally from Heliopolis, Egypt dating back to approximately 2500 BC. It was brought to Rome in 37 AD when Emperor Caligula brought the obelisk to Rome.

Enjoy a stroll through the spacious square that welcomes you with its enormous embracing colonnades.



Panoramic Rome for Cruisers with RomeCabs.

A stop on a special terrace on Capitoline Hill will reward you with a stunning sweeping view of the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and the Colosseum in the distance. It’s no wonder this picture-perfect spot is one of the most photographed places in Rome!

Roman Forum Panoramic Rome for Cruisers

For centuries the Roman Forum was Ancient Rome’s political, judicial, religious, and commercial center. The Roman senate, the tribunals, temples, government offices, and commercial activities, made this rectangular forum the Navel of City of Rome (Umbilicus Urbis Romae).  The impressive ruins of the many structures and monuments that once occupied this large space are vestiges of Ancient Rome’s glorious and influential past.



From the spacious cobble stoned Colosseum Square, you will have the opportunity to admire the imposing Colosseum - the iconic symbol of Imperial Rome, and the nearby Arch of Constantine.

 Colosseum Panoramic Rome for Cruisers


The Colosseums most magnificent feature (and also most photographed) is its partly ruined monumental facade made up of 4 arcaded stories - the lower 3 floors boasting 80 arches each. The travertine from which the amphitheater was built gives it its earthy hue, but in it ancient glory, the Colosseum was clad in white marble with 160 larger than life statues placed inside niches within the arches.  

Time, nature and humans have taken their toll on this ancient wonder. During the Medieval and Renaissance eras, the Colosseum was quarried for its precious marble and stones and used as building materials elsewhere in Rome.

.Arch of Constantine Panoramic Rome for Cruisers.

Nearby is the impressive Arch of Constantine - the triumphal arch of Emperor Constantine the Great commemorating his victory over Emperor Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian Bridge in 312 AD.  Emperor Constantine is regarded for having legalized Christianity during his reign.




Panoramic Rome for Cruisers.

San Clemente Basilica is not just a 12th century ornately decorated basilica dedicated to Pope Clement I, but also an impressive underground archaeological site revealing two excavated layers of ancient history that helped transform this unique church from an Ancient Roman private home to the basilica we see today.

In the mid 1800’s excavations deep beneath the present basilica revealed the bottom first layer of buried history: the 1st century AD private home of Roman consul and Christian martyr, Titus Flavius Clemens, who turned his home into a covert place of worship during the dangerous times when Christianity was illegal in Ancient Rome.

San Clemente Dome.

Inside the preserved remnants this ancient Roman apartment complex you also come upon a 3rd century Mithraic Temple where secret pagan rituals took place. The cult of Mithras was eventually banned in the 4th century.

Going forward in history to the second layer above, you’ll arrive in 4th century when Christianity was legalized by Emperor Constantine. Here you’ll be standing inside the first basilica built on top of the previous house-church, or Domus ecclesia, and dedicated to Saint Clement, who was also Pope Clement I - the 3rd Pope after St Peter, and according to some traditions, possibly even Titus Flavius Clemens himself.

Beautiful faded frescoes have been preserved through time due to the most unfortunate of circumstances. In 1084 the basilica was badly destroyed by the Normans when they attacked Rome. As with its predecessor, this too was filled with rubble and dirt to create a foundation for the new basilica we see today, built in the 12th century.

You may also come across the caretakers of San Clemente, the Irish Dominicans who have continued to administer the basilica since 1667 when England outlawed the Irish Catholic Church.

You may visit the excavations beneath the basilica for a ticket fee of 10 Euros.


This marks the end of your Panoramic Rome Tour. From here you will enjoy a relaxing drive to your ship in Civitavecchia.
Thank you very much for booking with RomeCabs Transfer and Tour Company.


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* The price of this Panoramic Rome for Cruisers tour includes a private deluxe vehicle with a personal English speaking Driver Guide, Italy’s VAT tax, fuel, insurance, and any applicable toll and parking fees.

* The price of this Panoramic Rome for Cruisers tour It does not include entrance fees into monuments, lunch, gratuities, or other personal expenses you may incur on this tour.

* The total price listed is per vehicle, not per person. Individuals may split the cost of the tour among themselves as they wish.

* Payment is made in Euro funds at the end of your tour, and paid directly to your Driver. You may also prepay in advance via PayPal.


San Clemente Excavation tickets are currently 10 Euros per person.

Children under 16 accompanied by parents are free.

Students up to 26 years with Student ID are 5 Euros per person

Visitors to the Basilica are requested to wear appropriate attire, which includes covering bare shoulders and knees.



* Italy has strict laws protecting official licensed guides make it unlawful for Tour Drivers to provide guests commentary while outside the vehicle. In order to be in compliance with Italy’s laws, Tour Driver Guides cannot accompany or tour our guests inside monuments, museums, or piazzas.

* Gratuity of minimum 10% if you are pleased with the service you received from your driver guide is customary and appreciated in Italy.


  We operate on the Honor System, so we kindly ask that cancellations be made at the minimum 7 days in advance so we can rebook the service and your reserved driver does not lose work for that day.

Panoramic Rome for Cruisers



A few tips to make your Panoramic Rome for Cruisers tour more enjoyable:


* Wear comfortable shoes and clothing on this and all tours

* During summer months it’s advisable to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, hats or sombreros, and bring extra water with you.

* Cameras and binoculars are recommended on this tour.


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