Post Cruise Orvieto Wine Tour from Civitavecchia

Post Cruise Wine Tour from Civitavecchia to Orvieto and winery in Umbria

duration:9 hours

Payment method:Cash, Paypal, Credit card

starting time:8:30 AM


  • Pick you up on the Pier next to your Cruise Ship at 8:30 AM with arrival at your Rome hotel by approx 5:45 PM
  • Enhance your debarkation day with our wine tasting post cruise tour from Civitavecchia
  • You will travel comfortably in your private deluxe vehicle
  • Convenient pick up from Civitavecchia and drop off at your hotel in Rome
  • Visit a certified organic winery estate in the Umbrian hills
  • Winery visit takes place between 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Delight in traditional wine tasting and learn about winemaking techniques
  • Appreciate free time on your own for lunch and sightseeing in Orvieto
  • Our wine tours from Civitavecchia are private just for you and your party for optimal comfort and privacy
  • Your luggage will travel with you safely in your vehicle’s luggage compartment during your debark tour
  • Appreciate a higher level of personal attention and flexibility on our private post-cruise tours from Civitavecchia
  • * This tour does NOT include a Tour Guide, you will Self Tour when away from the Vehicle
  • ** This tour is offered AS IS without modifications to towns or wineries. Winery will be reserved only AFTER the tour is Confirmed
  • ** This tour has a 7 DAY CANCELLATION policy
  • * Please read ALL the information on the tour page before booking to ensure this tour meets your expectations.


  • Winery visit in Umbria
  • Lunch and sightseeing in Orvieto


  • Private deluxe vehicle
  • English speaking driver
  • All VAT and Italy taxes
  • Pick Up from Civitavecchia
  • Drop off at your hotel in Rome
  • Highway Tolls
  • Parking fees

not included

  • Lunch
  • Winery Fees (* 35 Euros Per Person for standard wine tasting)
  • Admission Tickets if you visit sites that require them
  • Gratuities (*if pleased with the service received from your driver)


Buongiorno and welcome to Stefano's RomeCabs! The excitement of your cruise continues on disembarkation day continues with our Post-Cruise Orvieto Wine tour from Civitavecchia, you will visit an esteemed family-owned certified organic winery estate in the midst of scenic Umbrian hills and savor elegant locally produced wines. Visit Orvieto enjoying free time on your own for lunch and sightseeing. 



For 2 to 4 Persons from Civitavecchia Port:     680 EUROS
For 5 to 6 Persons from Civitavecchia Port:     700 EUROS
For 7 to 8 Persons from Civitavecchia Port:     800 EUROS

* Prices do NOT include Winery Fees (approximately 40 Euros Per Person)

* Prices are based on guests traveling with 1 Suitcase and 1 Carryon Per Person. If traveling with extra luggage please contact us in advance to be provided with a proper size vehicle for your luggage

** You may also do a QUICK PRICE CHECK using the Price Check & Booking Form on the Right Side of this page.  Once you receive the PRICE QUOTE based on the information you input, you may proceed to SUBMIT your Tour Request.

** Dates on the Booking Form Calendar that are NOT Selectableare NOT AVAILABLE.

** Please include your DROP-OFF HOTEL, ADRESS in Rome in the Special Request Box of the booking form

**  This Tour concludes at a hotel in Rome. If your final drop-off is in a different city or at the airport, please send us an email for a customized price quote


Post Cruise Orvieto Wine Tour from Civitavecchia to Rome RomeCabs


Wine Tasting at a Wine Estate in Umbria

Your Post Cruise Wine Tour from Civitavecchia begins with a leisurely drive from the cruise port into the heart of Umbria, traveling along scenic windy country roads that weave through the Umbrian countryside defined by its sandy clay soil, limestone, marine fossils, and seashells from the prehistoric Pliocene era when millions of years ago this land was submerged under the sea.  This unique local terroir lends the wines their vibrant taste, complexity, and structure. 


Umbria Wine Tasting Tours from Civitavecchia post cruise tours to Rome Cabs

This fine region of Umbria is renowned for its exquisite wines since the ancient Etruscans:  the highly advanced pre-Roman civilization that thrived in this region from the 8th century BCE to the 3rd-2nd centuries BCE.  The Etruscans introduced winemaking, vine grafting, and grape cultivation which grew into a flourishing trade. Primitive “wine cellars” were carved into the tuffaceous rock for their wine production which became part of the Etruscan viticulture history.

Your countryside journey will take you to the tranquil hilltop winery estate surrounded by rows of vineyards, olive orchards, and enthralling Umbrian and Tuscan landscapes. This remarkable winery is an ideal oasis far away from civilization and very close to nature.


Post Cruise Orvieto Wine Tour from Civitavecchia to Rome

Revel in a 1.5-hour visit at this certified organic winery where you will learn from the family of winemakers the traditional process of winemaking and sample a selection of 3 locally produced wines paired with locally sourced charcuterie and organic extra virgin olive oil.

With every sip of wine, you can taste the history that culminates in the flavors of these authentic local wines. Raise a glass to your unforgettable sojourn to this winery perfectly set in the idyllic Umbrian hills.

Orvieto Wine Tours from Civitavecchia debark tours to Rome luxury tours


Before departing, don’t miss the opportunity to browse the variety of wines for the perfect bottle of wine or olive oil for you, or as a gift for your wine-loving friends and family back home.  

At the conclusion of your winery visit, your driver will take you on a 30-minute drive along scenic windy country roads to Orvieto where you will enjoy free time for lunch and sightseeing.

  • Winery fees are NOT included in our Tour Fee in order to offer flexibility for members of your party who are not able to partake in wine tasting. Wine Tasting and Winery Tour Fee is approximately 40 EUROS Per Person. Winery visits must be booked in advance and are subject to availability. See BELOW for more information.


ORVIETO - the jewel of Umbria

Situated on the summit of large volcanic tufa rock, Orvieto overlooks the verdant Umbrian countryside comprised of a patchwork of vineyards, olive orchards, and dense forests.


Orvieto Post Cruise Tours from Civitavecchia wine tours Rome limousine tours

Orvieto is an ancient town with beautifully well-preserved medieval buildings and wide pedestrian-friendly streets lined with inviting shops that sell unique hand-painted ceramics, gastronomic boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. 

Behold the magnificent late 13th-century Gothic Cathedral of Orvieto dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin.  It took 30 years to plan and 300 years to achieve the cathedral’s current splendor.  The seven-story facade is adorned with fine decorations with dark green and white marble strips and carvings, niches that frame life-size sculpted figures, and colorful mosaics that glimmer in the afternoon golden sunlight.


Orvieto Wine Tours from Civitavecchia debarkation Tours to Rome

Following a tasty lunch and leisurely sightseeing,  you will meet your driver at approximately 4:00 PM for a relaxing drive to Rome reminiscing the exquisite sights and delicious flavors you enjoyed on your exceptional post-cruise wine tour from Civitavecchia. The estimated arrival time back in Rome will be at approximately 5:45 PM.

Important Information




Payment for this Post-Cruise Orvieto Wine tour from Civitavecchia can be made in EUROS directly to your driver on the Date of the Tour or prepaid in advance via PayPal or Credit Card online when you confirm your Tour. PayPal processes all online credit card payments for safety and security. 

Winery/wine tasting fees are paid directly to the winery and are NOT included in our Tour Fee.

If you wish to PREPAY for our tour fee you may do so online when CONFIRMING your BOOKING by SELECTING your preferred option of payment.



All Cancellations must be made in writing to us via E-Mail and confirmed by our office at least 7 days in advanceCancellations are not accepted by phone, text message, or 3rd party.

** Cancelations for PREPAID SERVICES will be the Net Rate we receive from your prepayment.  Net Rate: actual service price minus PayPal/Credit Card fees retained by PayPal/Credit Card as they do not reimburse us the fees they retain from your payment.

** This tour is offered AS IS without modifications to the existing itinerary, towns, or winery. If you wish to make changes to the existing wine tour please send us an email and we can assist with a customized tour to suit your preferences.


WINE TASTING IN UMBRIA: Prices, information:

Your visit to this winery includes moderate walking/standing. You may find uneven natural surfaces.  The winery visit is reserved according to the winery’s fixed wine-tasting tour schedule which is between approximately 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM.   This time frame also allows guests sufficient time in Orvieto for lunch and sightseeing. Winery visits must be booked in advance and are subject to availability.

Winery visit and wine tasting fees: approximately 40 Euros Per Person payable directly to the winery.  Winery fees are subject to change without notice at the winery's discretion.

Winery fees are NOT included in our tour fee in order to offer flexibility and accommodate guests who cannot partake in wine tasting.  Winery fees are subject to change without notice.

Casual, weather-appropriate clothing and comfortable walking footwear is recommended. Participants must be of legal drinking age (18 years)  to partake in wine tasting. 

Wondering what to wear to a wine tasting in Italy? Visit our travel blog for insider tips.


Your driver will meet you on the Pier next to your Ship at your scheduled pickup time holding a sign with the NAME in your reservation. Look for the driver in the same area as ALL private drivers will be waiting for their clients.

Please do NOT leave the ship area, and do NOT take a shuttle bus outside the port.


Sedans priced for 1-2 passengers can accommodate up to 2 standard suitcases and up to 2 small carryons.

Minivans for up to 8 passengers can accommodate up to 6 suitcases and up to 6 carry-ons in TOTAL. If you anticipate bringing luggage in excess of what the standard 8-seater vans can accommodate, please inform us prior to booking this service so we can help ensure that everyone and their luggage will travel safely inside the vehicle.



This Wine Tasting Post Cruise tour to Umbria provides an English-speaking Driver who is NOT a licensed tour guide or a sommelier.

Italian laws permit only licensed tour guides to accompany guests to sightsee on foot away from the vehicle.

In order to comply with Italian laws, drivers are obliged by law to remain with the vehicle while guests sightsee on foot.  Drivers are happy to offer basic touristic information while at the vehicle, however you will SELF TOUR on your own when away from the vehicle.

Information about wines and wine production can be provided by wine experts at the winery and at wine shops.


FAQ about Post Cruise Orvieto Wine Tour from Civitavecchia with RomeCabs:


Q1:  What is the duration of the Post Cruise Orvieto Wine Tour from Civitavecchia? 

A1:  The duration of the tour is approximately 9 hours, starting at 8:30 AM and concluding with arrival at your hotel or accommodation in Rome by around 5:45 PM.


Q2:  What payment methods are accepted for the tour? 

A2:  Please read the Payment Options on this page for more information.


Q3:  What are the highlights of the Post Cruise Orvieto Wine Tour? 

A3:  The tour includes pick-up from the pier next to your cruise ship, a visit to a certified organic winery estate in the Umbrian hills for wine tasting and a cellar tour, free time for lunch and sightseeing in Orvieto, and drop off at your hotel in Rome.


Q4:  Are winery fees included in the tour price? 

A4: No, winery fees are not included in the tour price in order to offer guests greater flexibility in case some members of your party may not be able to participate in wine tasting.  The approximate cost for standard wine tasting is 40 Euros per person and must be paid directly to the winery.


Q5:  Is a tour guide included in the Post Cruise Orvieto Wine Tour? 

A5: No, the tour does not include a tour guide. Guests will self-tour independently when away from the vehicle.


Q6: What are some Wine Tasting Tips at a winery in Italy?

  • SEE - See the color, depth, and intensity of the wine in your glass.  The color also indicates the types of grapes used or if the wine was aged in wood.
  • SWIRL:  Swirling aerates the wine and allows oxygen to “open it up” revealing its complexities
  • SNIFF/ SMELL - It’s essential to sniff the wine before tasting it as a wine’s quality can be judged by its aroma.
  • SIP - Take a larger-than-normal sip and hold it in your mouth for 3-5 seconds to taste the characteristics of the wine’s flavor: sweetness, bitterness, fruitiness, alcohol...
  • SAVOR - The taste doesn’t just end once you swallow the wine. The finish is the duration of time the essence of the wine lingers and stays with you. A long finish is ideal, especially when the overall taste of the wine leaves you craving another sip.


We wish for all our guests to enjoy our Orvieto wine tours, however, only guests who are of legal drinking age in Italy can participate in wine tastings. Guests not of legal drinking age or unable to participate in wine tastings can enjoy sightseeing and a leisurely visit to the winery.

For your enjoyment of this wine-tasting tour,  we urge you to please wine taste responsibly and never on an empty stomach. Please evaluate your personal tolerance of wine consumption and refrain from overindulging as it will interfere with your enjoyment of this shore excursion.

RomeCabs does not accept responsibility for guests’ personal wine-tasting decisions should they be excessive and interfere with their tour enjoyment. Guests who overindulge and wish to depart for their hotel in Rome sooner will not be reimbursed for shortening their tour.