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Wine Walkabout

“Our driver and mini tour guide, Sergio, was pleasant articulate very knowledgeable and full of enthusiasm and passion for his city. Oh the things we saw and the stories we heard. Sergio even showed us the way to drink from the Rome drinking fountains.

Between surviving Rome’s roundabouts that are 4 lanes wide with no lane lines and the locals habit of using every possible driving surface to get around, being in the capable hands of an experienced Rome driver made what could have been a nightmare into an Adventure…”  Read More Wine Walkabout and RomeCabs


One Foot Out The Door


“….As usual, Stefano, my guide, was patient and an extremely good sport, tackling the steep and dusty paths in his good suit and dress shoes.” Read More from One Foot Out the Door




Rome With Kids

As if peace of mind, immediate attention, and a comfortable ride—on your own schedule—are not enough, white-glove companies like Rome Cabs ( will spoil you with custom daytrips, ship-to-shore excursions, English-speaking drivers and knowledgeable tour guides for remarkably reasonable prices. Tell them where you want to go and they’ll quote you a price, no hidden fees or surprises. For these reasons, and for their flawless service, prompt pick-ups, and professional demeanor, they are my number one recommendation for private transport in Rome…. Read More from Rome with Kids


The Sky Steward

Looking for a first-class method of transportation to get from the Rome airport to the port of Civitavecchia (pronounced, “chiv-ih-tah-VECK-ee-ah”)?  Rome Cabs is the answer.  I’ve used them and have suggested them to countless friends.  It’s very easy to book online and their rates are competitive…



Marcy’s View of the World


I booked with Rome Cabs and Stefano was terrific….After walking through the sea of drivers holding up signs I couldn’t find my name. I made a quick call to Stefano with Rome Cabs and he directed me to the exact location where our driver, Luca was standing….

Luca was charming. Although he insisted he did not speak much English, I wish I could speak Italian as well as he speaks English!…. While driving we seemed to be going into what appeared to be a residential area. And in a few minutes time we came to a stop by a big door. Luca asked us to get out and brought us around to this giant door and asked us to look through the keyhole….now I’m starting to remember something about a view…yup…lo and behold we were in the Aventino area and as we looked through the keyhole we could barely see the dome of St. Peter’s…. Read More from Marcy's View of the World




“ROME; Another different group of folks and I arranged our excursion through “Romecabs”, we where met at the terminal and had an unbelievable whirlwind tour of Rome, the Vatican museum and many other sights, we also had a guide and pre booked our Vatican museum entrance. Romecabs did everything promised and went above and beyond; my head is still spinning from visiting all the sights….




Le Fat Cat

Sat we were back to the airport via Rome Cabs (great service!!) for our return flight home. We received excellent service at the airport…. Read More from le Fat Cat




Lost in Europe


Romecabs, reliable as ever, picked us up for our early morning trip to the airport to continue the holiday into Spain. Read More from Lost in Europe


Yes, we’re here…. !

We arrived on time, had a driver from RomeCabs meet us and drive us to our apartment, best money ever spent after a full day in the air and 3 airports…



And a special shoutout to AroadRetraveled's RomeCabs recognition for giving our little side blogs some credit. Grazie!





Northwest Herald:  Family recounts nightmare on cruise ship

…..Stephano drive them around, to the U.S. Embassy and to some sights including St. Peter’s Basilica and the Coliseum. He bought the family lunch and refused payment for his efforts.