Pompeii and Amalfi Coast Shore Excursion from Naples Port

Private Cruise Tour from Naples to Pompeii, Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

duration:Full Day

Payment method:Cash, Paypal, Credit card

starting time:7:30 AM from Naples Port 7:30 AM from Salerno Port


  • Pick up at the Cruise Port in your private deluxe vehicle with a personal English-speaking Driver
  • Bask in the timeless beauty of Positano along the picturesque Amalfi Coast
  • Stroll through the charming seaside resort town of Sorrento
  • Free time for a leisurely lunch to savor local cuisines
  • Explore the remarkably well preserved ancient ruins of Pompeii
  • Upon request, we can book a Licensed Tour Guide for an in-depth private tour of Pompeii (*See Info Below)
  • All our Shore Excursions are private just for you and your party for optimal tour enjoyment, comfort, and privacy.
  • Enjoy a higher level of personal attention and flexibility on our private tours by car
  • Cruisers can also share their Private Shore Excursions, see our Tour Sharing information below


  • Pompeii
  • Sorrento
  • Positano
  • * order of itinerary may change depending on tour and local conditions


  • Private Deluxe Vehicle
  • English Speaking Driver
  • All Taxes, highway tolls, parking fees and road expenses

not included

  • Admission Tickets
  • Licensed Tour Guide / Walking Tours
  • Lunch
  • Gratuities (if pleased with service received from your driver)
  • No unwanted stops at cameo factories :)


By far Pompeii and Amalfi Coast is the most popular shore excursion from Naples port, this tour takes you into Italy’s breathtaking region of Campania to visit the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, taste the flavors of Sorrento, and experience the breathtaking seaside town of Positano in the comfort of your own private deluxe vehicle driven by your personal Stefano's RomeCabs English speaking Driver eager to help you have a most unforgettable experience in Italy.

Pompeii and Amalfi Coast are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are among the most visited destinations in Italy.

**  Please  CONTACT US via email for Availabiltiy and Booking information




  • For up to 4 Persons from Naples Port:  650 EUROS
  • For up to 6 Persons from Naples Port:  700 EUROS
  • For up to 8 Persons from Naples Port:  750 EUROS

  • For up to 4 Persons from Salerno Port:  750 EUROS
  • For up to 6 Persons from Salerno Port:  800 EUROS
  • For up to 8 Persons from Salerno Port:  900 EUROS






One of the most scenic routes in Italy is a drive on Amalfi Coast's famous windy roads to the stunning beach side town of Positano where the sea and mountains meet.


Positano is one of the most popular destination for cruisers and travelers for its breathtaking surroundings, splendid walks on its beaches, and a relaxing stroll through its charming windy lanes lined with cafes, boutiques, artisan shops and galleries.



From here we will drive to Sorrento, the beautiful town with sweeping views of the Bay of Naples  for lunch at a local restaurant.


Rome Tour to Sorrento Amalfi Coast Pompeii Shore Excursion from Naples Port


Sorrento is renowned for fresh local seafood, piazza, and the legendary world famous Sorrento Limoncello - the delectable golden liquor made from locally grown lemons that has crossed borders to all four corners of the world.  

Sorrento will delight you stroll through the colorful maze of its narrow alleys where small shops will catch your eye with pretty ceramics, laceworks, marquetry, and souvenirs characteristic of the local culture.



The archaeological site of  Pompeii is a former prosperous ancient Roman town that became entombed in volcanic mud when  Mount Vesuvius  erupted in 79 AD.


Rome Tour to Pompeii Sorrento Amalfi Coast Positano Shore Excursion from Naples RomeCabs


It wasn't until 1,500 years later that first excavations began in Pompeii, and excavations continue even now. Here you can walk through the distressed cobble stone streets through the well preserved ruins of apartment buildings, bars and workshops.

Pompeii we recommend a local licensed guide whose expert knowledge and detailed narratives will enhance your experience and understanding of this captivating ancient city. Please see below for information on reserving your own private licensed tour guide for a 2 hour informative tour of Pompeii.


Rome to Pompeii Sorrento Amalfi Coast Tours from Naples Shore Excursions RomeCabs 

This marks the end of your shore excursion to Pompeii, Sorrento and Amalfi Coast. From here you will enjoy a relaxing journey back to your cruise ship.  Thank you for choosing Stefano's RomeCabs for your private Italy excursions!

We also offer this Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Shore Excursion with a visit to Herculaneum instead of Pompeii.

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Important Information



Payment for this Tour can be made in EUROS directly to your driver on the Date of Tour, or prepaid in advance via PayPal or Credit Card online upon request. (See Cancellation policy below)



We kindly ask that cancellations be made via E-mail at least 7 days prior to Date of Service

Cancellations are accepted only via E-mail so your cancellation is on record. We do not accept cancellations by phone, text message, or 3rd parties.

** Cancelations for PREPAID SERVICES will be refunded the Reduced Net Rate we receive from your prepayment.  Reduced Net Rate: actual service price minus PayPal/Credit Card fees retained by PayPal/Credit Card as they do not reimburse us the fees they retain from your payment.



This Pompeii and Amalfi Coast Tour provides an English-speaking Private Driver who is NOT a Licensed Tour Guide.

Italy enforces stringent laws and regulations to protect official licensed guides that make it unlawful for Drivers to act as tour guides, therefore your Driver cannot accompany guests to sightsee on foot away from the vehicle.  

On this tour you will SELF TOUR the attractions you visit, unaccompanied by your private driver.

The windy and traffic-prone roads in Naples, Sorrento, and Positano require the Driver's full attention, therefore your driver will not engage in commentary when it is considered an unsafe distraction to do so. Your safety inside the vehicle is our utmost priority.



Entry ticket price for Pompeii is currently estimated at approximately 18-19 Euros per person to be purchased on-site upon arrival.

It is NOT recommended to pre-book time slot tickets for Pompeii as actual arrival time is not guaranteed.

**  Admission Ticket prices to attractions are always subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed to remain the same after booking this tour.



If you would like to reserve a private licensed tour guide for a 2 HOUR guided tour of Pompeii, please let us know and we will be happy to assist with a price quote for a 2 Hour Guided Tour of Pompeii with a professionally licensed tour guide.


Private licensed tour guides are not employees or affiliates of Rome Cabs as they operate independently as a separate entity.  We only reserve the private guided tours on your behalf as a complimentary service for our clients. We receive no compensation or benefit in any way from the tour guides for booking their services for our clients. We recommend their services based on their lawful qualifications, expertise, professionalism, and reliability and we have no control of the style of tours they provide.

Please be advised that Rome Cabs accepts no responsibility or liability for the style of tours Private Guides provide as they are not part of Rome Cabs company. Any issues you may have regarding your private guides must be addressed immediately to your Driver so they can be resolved on the spot. By allowing us to book a private guide on your behalf, you are entering an agreement that you fully understand and accept all the conditions above with no exception.


Rome Tour to Pompeii Sorrento Amalfi Coast Positano from Naples Port Cruise Excursion RomeCabs



The port of Naples requires ship passengers to make their way to where the Taxi area, which is the only place vehicles are permitted to park and for drivers to wait for their clients. Your driver will be standing next to his or her vehicleholding a sign with the NAME in the reservation.



The Port of Salerno is small,  your driver will meet you at the Dock where your ship arrives.


TOUR SHARING your private Italy excursions

Save a lot on this Shore Excursion tour with other cruisers for up to 6-8 passengers for minivan! Just place an ad on Cruise Critic's roll call and invite others to join. Please read more about TOUR SHARING and how to create your own privately shared Shore Excursion from Naples Port.



* Please note when booking this Pompeii, Sorrento, and Amalfi Coast tour that unexpected road closures may happen on the road to Positano which may make visiting Positano impossible. We accept no responsibility for these unexpected events that you may encounter during your tour. In case a visit to Positano is not possible, your visit to Pompeii and/or Sorrento will be extended pending on when closure information is made available to us.

* On summer weekends, national holidays, and the month of August there may be unexpected traffic delays due to the popularity of the Amalfi Coast among Italians and Europeans traveling by car. Please be prepared in event of extensive traffic if you wish to book your tour during these times.


Rome to Amalfi Coast Tours from naples Cruise Port RomeCabs

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