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“Fast food” has earned a negative meaning in Italy’s “slow food” movement, but fast food doesn’t have to be terrible food…it quite often is great food fast!

Panini are the popular Italian sandwiches, and they come in many delicious and healthy varieties…that is, if you get them from a panini shop that’s devoted to quality and choice, not a street vendor with questionable quality of “fast food”.

One such panini shop we love (and our many clients who ate there during our Rome in A Day Tour loved too!) is “Duecentogradi”. If you split up the name it’s due cento gradi, or 200 degrees. It’s located in Piazza Risorgimento, near the corner closest to the Vatican Museums.

How did they come up with their name “200 degrees”?

According to their website: The interesting thing about 200° is the bread we use: it is produced especially for us by a bakery which prepares the dough for us. They bake the bread for us at exactly 200°, hence the name of our store.

It’s all about the food!

Sure, the cafe is modern and trendy, but we’re in it for the food! The menu is spectacular.

You’ll find the menu on their website is interactive, you click on the little “pane” icon, and the ingredients will appear at the right), with more creative choices than you can imagine. Each panino is made to order by young and hip “panino experts”.

Many of our clients touring our ROME IN A DAY Day Tour from Rome and Shore Excursion from Civitavecchia have enjoyed a delicious panino at Duecentogradi.

We have eaten there quite often ourselves, and we can attest that their ingredients are fresh, natural, and tasty. And their prices can’t beat!


Whether you’re fueling up for a long Vatican City tour, or famished after finishing a tour and are not up for a lengthy sit down meal at a restaurant, we can’t think of a better place to stop and eat a delicious and healthy sandwich.

If you’re a student in Rome, a backpacker through Italy, or on a budget, you won’t go broke eating here as the panini prices range between 4-6 Euros. And no matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll probably find it on their menu.

Buon appetito!

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