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There’s nothing like summertime in Rome… lots of sunshine, long days, warm summer nights with soft breezes…. but it’s also very hot in Rome in the summer!

While there are many ways to stay cool when visiting Rome during the hot summer months, we’d like to introduce you to:


5 Delicious Ways to Stay COOL in Rome this Summer




Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream and is made with a base of milk, cream, and sugar with added fruit and nut purees or other flavorings. It’s a dense and rich dessert with at least 3.5% butterfat as the standard.

While there are many commercial gelato parlors in Rome, for the most delicious gelato go for the “artigianale”.

Artigianale gelato is handcrafted, it uses real and natural ingredients and flavors  - usually with in-season fruit.  The flavors are intense and authentic – you really feel like you are eating a frozen piece of delicious fruit.

The good gelaterias also use natural hand-whipped cream topping that is not from a can.

For the best natural artigianale gelato, you may try these excellent gelaterias on our private Rome Tours when you are near some of the main attractions:


Located next to the Pantheon on Via della Rotonda, 22, Cremeria Monte Forte has been a local favorite for decades. You can’t beat the refreshing natural flavors of their gelato made with fresh ingredients and in-season fruits.

For a special treat, try the “Rose” gelato. It’s delicate like a rose petal with that will delight your taste buds.

Gelato Cremeria Monte Forte _5 deliious ways to stay COOL in Rome this summer



San Crispino gelateria is conveniently located near Trevi Fountain.

San Crispino Gelato in Rome 5 delicious ways to stay cool in Rome this Summer_RomeCabs


Old Bridge gelateria is a franchise located near the Vatican just off of Piazza Risorgimento and in Trastevere.  Delicious gelato, and generous portions at small prices have people waiting in long lines for their frozen summer treat.

Conveniently located near Colosseum on Via Cavour 337, Flor gelateria offers a variety of gelato flavors made with fresh and natural ingredients.



Swap your afternoon coffee drink for a cool frothy shakerato.  

Similar to shaking a martini, a shakerato is prepared by shaking together a shot of espresso coffee with ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. The shaking chills the espresso and produces a frothy consistency, which is then strained into a martini-type glass.

Shakerato Iced Italian Coffee_Delicious ways to stay cool in Rome this summer_RomeCabs



A popular cold dessert /drink that is a tradition of Rome and much loved by the locals, commonly sold in kiosks on sidewalks or in cafes.   It’s a real Roman treat on hot summer days and Roman evenings.

One of the classic Grattachecca kiosk is Alla Fonte d’Oro Grattacheche founded in 1913 by Giovanni Crescenzi along Lungotevere by the Tiber river.  

The seasonal kiosk still remained in the Crescenzi family for a Roman treat that is truly a long-time tradition. 

Fonte D'Oro Grattachecca Italian Iced Summer Drinks_Summer in Rome Travel Tips RomeCabs


Grattachecca should not be confused with “granita” which is a mixture of water and syrups and then frozen in a mass.

Grattacchecca is ice shaved by hand from a solid ice block and flavored with one or more flavors of syrups: mostly black cherry, tamarind, coconut, lemon, orange, strawberry, watermelon, and more.  

Also don’t miss the special local lemonade: Lemoncoco!



Lemoncocco is another Italian type of “lemonade” with a twist – the twist is often a tightly held secret recipe by the makers who refined its unique flavor.

Lemoncocco Italian Lemonade Summer Drinks in Rome Travel Tips_Romecabs  

Lemoncoco is a really refreshing tangy natural lemonade made from freshly squeezed lemons and the the “secret ingredients” that adds a hint of almond.  Toss in a piece of fresh coconut and you have a refreshing and healthy beverage chock full of vitamins that is sure to add some natural energy boost!

Among the best Lemoncocco makers are Alla Fonte d’Oro Grattachecche kiosk, and in Piazzaa Buoenos Aires in Rome – a kiosk in the main square by the same name: Lemoncocco



Cocomero is a way to say Watermelon in Italian (especially used in Roman dialect and common in Rome to refer to watermelons)

In the summer months, you will find kiosks set out around Rome serving freshly sliced watermelon (“cocomero”) at about 1 Euro a slice, and fruit salads (macedonia) in a cup for a couple of euros.

Fresh chilled fruit is great when you need a quick refresher without piling on the calories or sweeteners.   

Rome Summer Fruit Stands Street Food_Rome Summer Travel Tips RomeCabs Tours of Rome  

Although you can enjoy gelato and shakerato coffee drinks all year round in Rome, the Grattachecca and Cocomoro kiosks are seasonal and therefore a special summer treat to look forward to each summer.  

The Lemoncoco kiosk in Piazza Buenos Aires is open all year round, and you can enjoy a refreshing lemoncoco any time your taste buds crave one.


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