Privately Shared Civitavecchia Transfers on YOUR Terms


Buon giorno and welcome aboard Stefano’s RomeCabs, your ultimate solution for Civitavecchia Transfers and Shore Excursion Tours to Rome. With a legacy of serving tens of thousands of clients over the years, we specialize in personalized private transfers between Civitavecchia and Rome/Airport. Our hallmark lies in offering you the freedom to tailor your transfers according to your schedule, ensuring a journey marked by predictability and flexibility.

While shared transfers are a popular choice among travelers seeking cost-effective options, we understand the apprehensions associated with generic public shuttles. That’s why we introduce a groundbreaking solution: Privately Shared Civitavecchia Transfers tailored to your preferences, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey on your terms.

The Pitfalls of Generic Public Shuttles:
When opting for generic public shuttles, cruisers often find themselves grappling with uncertainties and inconveniences, asking themselves:

* What time will I be picked up?

* How many other passengers will there be in my vehicle?

* How many different hotel pick-ups will there be?

* How many drop-offs will there be?

* Will the driver wait if I am unexpectedly delayed?

* Will I be kept waiting while the driver waits for other passengers who are delayed?

* How long will the entire transfer process take between MY pickup and drop-off points?


Moreover, the disparity in fares among passengers further exacerbates the dissatisfaction with traditional shuttle services. Just as airline ticket prices fluctuate based on various factors, shuttle fares can vary among passengers sharing the same vehicle. This realization that one's fellow travelers may have paid significantly less for the same transfer adds another layer of frustration to an already fraught experience.

Adding to this list is wondering if the shuttle will leave without them should they be unexpectedly delayed.

Most general public shuttle services are not very flexible as they have other passengers in the same vehicle that need to be transported within a reasonable time… which means, they can leave without you if you are extensively delayed.  

These are legitimate concerns given the abundance of negative experiences cruisers experience when booking shuttle services. 

Just as with airline tickets varying in the price for different passengers on the same plane based on when they booked and other variables, shuttle fares among passengers in the same van can also vary. This means that the passengers seated next to you in the same van may have paid less than you for the same transfer!



Privately Shared Civitavecchia Transfers on your terms_RomeCabs Rome to Cruise Port Transfers


Enter our game-changing solution: Privately Shared Civitavecchia Transfers. Imagine a scenario where you dictate the terms of your transfer experience, from pick-up times to the number of passengers sharing your ride.


  •  YOU privately shared your Civitavecchia transfers with other fellow cruisers and YOU are in charge of everything including how much you are willing to pay per person/
  •  YOU are in charge of your pick-up time
  •  YOU are in charge of the number of persons sharing your vehicle

  •  YOU are in charge of how many pick-ups and drop-offs there will be.
  •  YOU are in charge of how much you are willing to pay by deciding on the number of passengers in your vehicle sharing the cost
  •  EVERYONE pays their equal share (no different rates for different passengers in your shared transfer)
  •  You get to know your transfer mates in advance, avoiding the awkwardness of being seated in a vehicle full of strangers.


Privately Shared Civitavecchia Transfers

on YOUR Terms





How much is the private transfer from Rome / Airport to/from Civitavecchia Port?

The price of a private transfer from Rome / Airport to/from Civitavecchia Port would vary depending on the number of passengers in your group. You will find our up-to-date prices on our transfer page.


How to book a privately shared Civitavecchia transfer


It’s easy, and thousands of our happy clients have created their own privately shared Rome sea port Civitavecchia transfers with fellow cruisers from their ship that they get to know in advance for a more enjoyable and predictable transfer service.

Through platforms like Cruise Critic Roll Call, you can connect with fellow cruisers from your ship and organize shared transfers according to your specific needs.

1.   Place an ad on  Cruise Critic Roll Call  and invite other cruisers from your ship to share your specific transfers (send us an email with your Civitavecchia Transfer needs, and we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary details and links to place your ad and reservations)

2.   Reserve your transfer for your group of up to 8 cruise mates via our website’s  CIVITAVECCHIA TRANSFER page and then confirm your reservation.

3.   Enjoy Peace of Mind: With your transfer plans finalized, embark on your cruise knowing that your journey to and from Civitavecchia is taken care of according to your preferences.




Benefits of Privately Shared Civitavecchia Transfers:

• Personalized Experience: Get to know your transfer mates in advance, fostering a sense of camaraderie and eliminating the awkwardness of traveling with strangers.
• Flexibility: Tailor your transfer to suit your schedule, preferences, and budget, ensuring a stress-free journey from start to finish.
• Cost-Effectiveness: Share the cost of your transfer with fellow cruisers, making it an affordable option without compromising on quality or convenience.
• Predictability: Say goodbye to the uncertainties of generic public shuttles and enjoy a seamless transfer experience with no hidden surprises.


Pro Tips to remember when organizing your own shared transfers:

Shared Civitavecchia transfers are ideal for the following types of Rome seaport transfers:

  • From hotel in Rome to Civitavecchia Cruise Port

  • Civitavecchia Cruise Port to Rome accommodation

  • Civitavecchia Cruise Port to FCO / Fiumicino Airport


For shared Civitavecchia transfers between your Cruise Ship and Rome hotel accommodation, choose centrally located accommodations in Rome to minimize driving time and costs..  Travelers staying outside of Rome will increase transfer prices and driving time.

For shared Civitavecchia transfers from your Cruise Ship to Fiumicino / FCO Airport, please schedule your pick-up at least 3 hours prior to the first flight departure time to account for any eventualities. Private transfers are recommended to navigate the uncertainties associated with varied flight schedules and potential delays.

Rome Airport Civitavecchia Transfers to Fiumicino_RomeCabs


Avoid shared transfers from Fiumicino Airport to Civitavecchia due to varying arrival times and potential travel disruptions.

For transfers from the Airport to Civitavecchia, we recommend booking a private transfer that will cater especially to you and your travel needs in case you experience any delays along the way.

 While the maximum capacity per vehicle is 8 passengers, consider aiming for a more comfortable arrangement with 6 passengers. This allows for ample personal space, legroom, and flexibility in accommodating luggage.


Keep in mind your total luggage count:

Privately Shared Civitavecchia Transfers on your terms_Cruise Luggage RomeCabs Private Transfers


Bear in mind the total luggage count when organizing shared transfers to ensure optimal space utilization within the vehicle. Excessive luggage may necessitate additional vehicles, impacting both cost and logistics.

For more information on booking your own shared Civitavecchia Transfers, please contact us and visit our Civitavecchia Transfer page.

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Thank you very much and we look forward to welcoming you to Italy!

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