How to get to Naples from Rome Airport swiftly, safely, hassle-free


Buongiorno and welcome to Stefano’s RomeCabs, Rome’s leading company for Private Transfers in Italy and Tours in Italy. There are many ways to get from Rome Airport to Naples that suit different budgets, schedules, and preferences.

In this article, we will share with you how to get to Naples from Rome Airport swiftly, safely, and hassle-free so your Italy dream vacation will begin in the best way possible.

After a long, grueling international flight to Rome’s Airport, you are tired,  jetlagged, have a lot of luggage to carry, and you don’t speak the local language. Your journey isn’t finished yet as you you still have to reach your final destination in Naples, south of Italy. How you wish you can snap your fingers,  get in a comfy car, and have someone else do the driving to get you to where you need to go swiftly, safely, and hassle-free while you simply relax or take a nap along the way. Doesn’t that sound perfect? 

Sure, there are many options available that would get you to Naples from Rome airport such as local trains and buses.  While these methods are budget-friendly and appeal to adventurous travelers, they will not get you to Naples swiftly, safely, or hassle-free. 

For travelers who don’t have the possibility or stamina for a day’s adventure on public transportation after a long international flight, there’s another alternative choice to consider that’s comfortable, safe, and convenient: Private Transfers from Rome Airport to Naples.


How to get to Naples from Rome Airport Fiumicino


Private Transfers from Rome Airport to Naples: How does it work?

Booking private transfers to Naples from Rome Airport means reserving in advance a private driver service to pick you up at the airport and take you directly to your final destination in Naples for optimal door-to-door service. You will enjoy a leisurely drive in the privacy of your deluxe vehicle driven by your personal driver.  Yes, it’s a more luxurious option than taking buses and trains, but it’s by far the most convenient, comfortable and safe way to get around in Italy.  

Would you like to know how we make getting to Naples from Rome airport swifty, safely and hassle-free?

Read on…. 


How to get to Naples from Rome Airport SWIFTLY:   

As soon as you arrive at Rome’s Airport, clear customs, and collect your luggage, you will be met by your private driver who will whisk you off to your final destination in Naples.   By going directly from Ciampino Airport or Fiumicino Airport to Naples by car, you will arrive there swiftly in just about 2.5 hours - sooner than by any other means.

You will be dropped off right at your accommodation or final drop-off location for a convenient door-to-door service.  

Private Transfer from Fiumicino Airport to Naples RomeCabs


How to get to Naples from Rome airport SAFELY:

Traveling from Rome’s Airport to Naples in your private deluxe vehicle driven by your well-trained and professional driver is the SAFEST way to get from Fiumicino Airport to Naples (or from Ciampino Airport to Naples).

Not having to deal with chaotic train stations which are notoriously fraught with pickpockets, or figuring out how to get around the less safe areas near train stations burdened by pulling heavy luggage around has been a huge relief for our clients. 

With a private transfer service, you remove the risk of losing or leaving valuables behind on trains, buses, or taxis due to exhaustion from long flights and jetlag.  All in all, choosing a private transfer from Rome Airport to Naples is the safest possible option of transportation. 


Private Transfers from Rome Airport to Naples RomeCabs Italy private transfers


How to get to Naples from Rome airport HASSLE-FREE:

When you book a private transfer from Ciampino or Fiumicino Airport to Naples, you simply book your transfer online or via email,  and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience.  That’s it!

You will not have to worry about bus and train schedules because your private driver will meet you at the Airport when your flight arrives.

You won’t need to worry about missing your bus or your train in case your flight is delayed or you are stuck in baggage claims.  Your private driver will monitor your flight for delays, and wait for you if you experience delays inside the airport.

Our English-speaking staff handles your questions and reservations so you don’t have to worry about not being able to communicate in Italian.  All the details of your reservation are taken care of in advance so you will travel securely in the knowledge that there will be nothing for you to do when you arrive in Italy but enjoy a leisurely drive to Naples.  

When you arrive in Naples, you will not have to wonder how you’ll get to your hotel or accommodation from the train station or bus station.  Your private driver will take you directly to your hotel or accommodation for door-to-door service and a hassle-free experience.


Private Transfers to Naples from Rome Airport Fiumicino


Who benefits from Private Transfers from Fiumicino to Naples?

 While everyone benefits from private transfers from Rome Airport to Naples, private transfers are most suitable for:

  • Families traveling with young children
  • Senior travelers or multi-generational travelers
  • Travelers with mobility issues
  • Travelers on a time schedule such as catching a ferry to Capri or Ischia
  • Travelers with a lot of luggage
  • Travelers who wish to travel comfortably and leisurely 
  • Travelers too exhausted to tackle the long day adventures on public transportation after an exhausting international flight 


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Private Transfers from Fiumicino Airport to Naples may not be for everyone

Although everyone can enjoy the benefits of private transfers from Rome Airport to Naples, a private transfer service may not be for everyone. 

For starters, private transfers cost more than public transportation.  Private transfers offer a more luxurious service with prices varying from company to company depending on the number of persons in your party as well as other variables.

Adventurous light-packing travelers, as well as budget-minded travelers, might find other means of public transportation more suitable for their interests.


How to get to Naples from Rome Airport  - by train and bus


Let’s take a look at the other alternatives available from Fiumicino Airport to Naples so you will make an informed decision about the best way for you and your family to get around in Italy.

How to get to Naples from Rome Airport 


Is there a bus from Fiumicino Airport to Naples?

There are buses from Fiumicino Airport to Naples such as a Flixbus or Fiumicino Express.

Prices for bus tickets can range between 11 Euros to 30 Euros per person. Buses depart from Fiumicino Airport airport at specific departure times every couple of hours during the day, and the journey takes a little over 3 hours to reach the bus station in Naples near the train station in Piazza Garibaldi.

While this may seem like an inexpensive straightforward process, it can also be an unpredictable one.  Your flight arrival at the airport may not coincide with the bus schedule which can require additional wait times.

If your flight is delayed or you are stuck in baggage claims too long,  you might miss your bus along with your advance booked bus seats. If you are traveling during peak tourist season and require a bus to Naples during peak flight arrival times at the airport, you could face some challenges finding available seats. 

Once you arrive in Naples, you will then have to figure out your way to your hotel or accommodation either taking additional public transportation or relying on taxis. Most taxis are small economy-size vehicles that are not suitable for families, groups, or travelers with a lot of luggage. Before your trip, you should familiarize yourself with the bus routes from the bus station to your accommodation, as well as the average prices of a Taxi so you don’t get overcharged.

Although the average travel time by bus is just around 3 hours, when you consider unexpected wait times at the airport for your bus, and then making your way from the bus station in Naples to your accommodation, you could be facing a half-day trip.  If you are arriving in Italy already exhausted and jetlagged, negotiating public transportation and taxis in Naples may not be something to look forward to.

When you choose Stefano’s RomeCabs for your private transfers in Italy, there’s simply no swifter, safer, more convenient way to get to Naples from Rome Airport.


How to get to Naples from Fiumicino Airport by train


Is there a train from Rome’s airport to Naples?

NO, There isn’t a train route from Fiumicino Airport to Naples.

Travelers would need to either take the Leonardo Express train, a taxi, or book a transfer from the airport to Termini Station. From Termini Station, a train can be taken to Naples. 

Getting from Fiumicino Airport to Rome’s Termini Station can take around 1 hour.  If you choose to take the Leonardo Express, consider the time needed to get on the Leonardo Express in Fiumicino, and 30 minutes to reach Rome’s Termini Station. The Leonardo Express operates every half hour. The train from Rome to Naples is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Leonardo Express costs about 14 Euros Per Person.  Train tickets from Rome to Naples start at around 12 Euros per person and up.

If you arrive at Ciampino Airport, you would need to take a taxi or book a private transfer to Termini Station.

This too seems like a straightforward process but it can also present unpredictable challenges.   If you purchase your train tickets online in advance to secure your preferred train seats and avoid the hassles and extra time necessary to purchase your tickets on arrival at Termini Station, should you experience flight delays or delays at the airport you could miss your train and lose your tickets unless you purchase open tickets that are more expensive. 

When purchasing your tickets on-site at Termini Station, always be aware of your surroundings to avoid pickpockets that target distracted tourists. Also, be sure to avoid being taken advantage of by “ticket helpers” at ticket machines that act like train station assistants helping you to purchase tickets but demand tips for their unsolicited “help”. 

When you arrive in Naples, you will then have to find your own way to your accommodation from the train station either using additional public transportation or a local taxi.

This route could easily become a half-day trip and be potentially even more exhausting than taking the bus from Fiumicino Airport to Naples due to having to first reach Rome from the airport in order to take a train to Naples, followed by finding a way to get to your hotel from the train station in Naples. After a long exhausting flight and jetlag, this option might be too daunting for many travelers. 




There you have it.  For your next trip to Naples from Rome airport, you may evaluate the different transportation options most suitable for you, your family, or your travel companions.

Thank you very much for reading our blog, and for choosing Stefano’s RomeCabs for your Italy Tours and Transfers.  We look forward to welcoming you to Italy!


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