Civitavecchia Excursions – Pre Cruise, Post Cruise Tours

Buon giorno and welcome to Stefano’s RomeCabs, Rome’s leading company for Civitavecchia Excursions, Pre-Cruise, and cruise Tours, as well as Day Tours from Rome and Shore Excursions from Italy’s top cruise ports.

Millions of cruisers begin their cruise or end their cruise at the Port of Civitavecchia, the port that serves Rome and its environs.  

If your cruise starts and/or ends at Civitavecchia, we have some exciting options for you to enhance your trip, maximize your sightseeing opportunity, and make the most of your limited time in Rome pre-cruise and post-cruise.   

Best of all….enhance your pre-cruise and post-cruise touring in the comfort of your private deluxe vehicle with your personal English-speaking Driver for optimal comfort, style, and convenience.


Civitavecchia Excursions – Pre-Cruise, Post-Cruise Tours



Why book a Pre Cruise Tour with RomeCabs?

  • Instead of wasting your morning waiting for your transfer to Civitavecchia, you can spend this special limited time exploring some of the many wonders of  Rome, or discovering amazing places in the Roman Countryside that you never knew existed!
  • Your personal driver will pick you up at your hotel, your luggage will conveniently travel with you for optimal ease, and after comfortably touring in the morning and traveling to the cruise port, your driver will drop you off right on time on the pier next to your ship for optimal door to door convenience.  You will NOT have to worry about your luggage at all the entire time!

    Private Driver in Rome Civitavecchia Excursions Pre Cruise Post Cruise Tours 

  • On our tours by car, you will be taken as close as lawfully possible to the many attractions and monuments you will visit, and your driver will wait for you with your vehicle to return from sightseeing on your own.  Getting from site to site quickly and efficiently by car, you MAXIMIZE your sightseeing opportunities, while MINIMIZING your walking distances. You will begin your cruise refreshed, not tired.
  • You can make your Pre Cruise Tour more affordable by inviting other like-minded cruisers from your cruise ship who are also staying near you in Rome to share your pre-cruise tour by creating your own privately shared tour!  It’s a wonderful way to save money, share your fun with tour mates you get to know in advance, and make new friends. Find out HOW to create your own privately shared tours: TOUR SHARING


If you will be staying in Rome before your cruise, we have 3 fantastic Pre Cruise Tour options that includes pick up from your accommodation in Rome, touring by car to exciting locations in Rome or in the Countryside, and drop off right on the pier next to your ship for optimal door to door convenient service.

CLICK ON THE TOUR TITLES to arrive at the Tour Pages for detailed information, prices, and options to book your preferred tour directly online!




Rome pre cruise tour to Civitavecchia Transfer Romecabs


If your stay in Rome is very short and you wish to enjoy more of the Eternal City before your cruise starts, we offer a Rome Pre Cruise Tour that takes you on a 4-hour tour before departing to Civitavecchia.

Your morning begins with visits to popular squares like Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Piazza della Rotonda, and Spanish Steps, and enjoy a splendid panorama of Rome’s skyline that unfolds before you from a special terrace on top of Janiculum Hill.  There is no better way to say Arrivederci Roma than making your last stop in Rome on Janiculum Hill.



From here, you will enjoy a leisurely drive out of Rome and through the countryside to your ship in Civitavecchia.

If you have already visited the Colosseum or any of the sites suggested in our Pre-Cruise Tour do not worry! 

You may simply substitute sites you’ve already visited with new sites that you have not yet seen that you would like to.  Your driver will be delighted to show you as much as possible for the duration of the time you have in Rome before departing for Civitavecchia Port.





If you’ve already toured Rome, or you wish to enjoy a relaxing morning in the countryside and escape the hustle and bustle of Rome, you will enjoy our Pre Cruise Countryside Tour that takes you to the lakeside town of Bracciano to visit the imposing Renaissance-era Orsini-Odescalchi Castle (popularly referred to as Bracciano Castle).


Bracciano Castle Civitavecchia Shore Excursions Pre Cruise Post Cruise Tours


You will feel transported back in times of folklore of kings, queens, knights, lords, and ladies as you visit the opulent rooms adorned with priceless wall art, paintings, and intricate ceilings and furnished with original centuries-old furniture.  The view from the top of the castle walls of Lake Bracciano and the surrounding countryside will simply amaze you.

A short drive through the rustic countryside will take you to Ceri, the Medieval clifftop village where time seems to have stood still.  The local family-owned restaurants in Ceri are well regarded in the region for their delicious homemade dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients using Grandma’s secret recipes passed down from generation to generation. 


Ceri Medieval village Italian Countryside Civitavecchia Excursions Pre-Cruise Post Cruise Tours


After lunch, your driver will take you directly to your ship in Civitavecchia so you can begin your cruise happy and rested.

If you will be just docking for the day in Civitavecchia, or finishing your cruise in Civitavecchia, scroll down for our Full Day Civitavecchia excursions and enjoy more of the beautiful countryside!





Another very popular pre-cruise countryside tour is offered by our sister company Stefano Rome Tours is Charming Lakeside Villages.

In addition to visiting Bracciano and Bracciano Castle, you will enjoy visiting the other charming lakeside Medieval villages: Anguillara and Trevignano.

Watch the VIDEO above and see for yourself the delightful places featured in this tour!


Lake Bracciano Trevignano Countryside Tours Civitavecchia Excursions Pre-Cruise Post Cruise Tours




If your cruise ends at Civitavecchia and you will be going to Rome for a post-cruise stay, why not make the most of your full day to enjoy the best of Rome?


Why book a Post Cruise Tour with RomeCabs?

  • Don’t waste a perfectly good day trying to make your way to your hotel in Rome from the cruise ship dragging your luggage on trains and public transportation that would take you hours to reach Rome, and then arrive too late in the day, and too tired and hot (in the summer it is very hot in Rome, and not all trains and public transportation vehicles are air-conditioned) to get the most out of your day in Rome.

    (Pick up/ Drop off pierside next to your ship in Civitavecchia: Excursions Pre-Cruise, Post Cruise Tours)

  • Your personal English-speaking Driver will meet you right on the pier next to your ship ready to whisk you away to Rome on an unforgettable adventure exploring the Eternal City.  Your luggage will travel with you, so you do not have to worry about your luggage or carrying your luggage from your ship to your hotel. At the end of the tour, your driver will take you and your luggage directly to your hotel accommodation in Rome.

  • At the end of an activity-packed cruise, you may be too tired to embark on a sightseeing adventure on foot around Rome that can be quite exhaustive and physically demanding even for rested travelers. The cobblestone streets, the slow, crowded, and hot public transportation, huge crowds, and traffic can make getting around Rome on your own more challenging.  You can easily eliminate the stress, exhaustion, and time necessary to plan your sightseeing routes by simply booking a Rome Post Cruise Tour and enjoying Rome by car!

Private Civitavecchia Excursions Pre Cruise Post Cruise Tours Rome in limo RomeCabs


  • You will see far more in 1 day on our tours by car, comfortable and cool in our air-conditioned deluxe vehicles, than you would in 2-3 days on foot on your own and on public transportation.

  • Your driver will take you as close as lawfully possible to each site you visit and wait for your return for optimal convenience. You will NOT be alone or on your own in a foreign city… your caring driver will look out for you and you will be very well taken care of.

  • On our Post Cruise Tours, you will MAXIMIZE your sightseeing opportunity, MINIMIZE your necessary walking,  and see MORE of Italy in LESS time!

  • We also offer a full-day Countryside Post Cruise Tour for cruisers who have already toured Rome, or who wish to experience other exciting places in Italy from their cruise ship on the way to their hotel in Rome.

  • You can convert ANY regular full-day Shore Excursion from Civitavecchia into a Post Cruise Tour with pick up at your ship and drop off at your hotel in Rome, adding to your touring options. Just go to our website featuring Civitavecchia Excursions, and select your preferred tour to be converted into a post-cruise option.

    Rome Private Tour Driver Civitavecchia Excursions Pre Cruise Post Cruise tours RomeCabs

  • Post Cruise Tours are also flexible and customized: if you will be staying at one of the Airport Hotels in Fiumicino, or you have an afternoon flight from Fiumicino Airport, you may book a Post Cruise Tour of Rome or the Countryside with drop off at your hotel in Fiumicino or the Airport.  Because our tours are private, you have the option to customize it for your needs.  Unlike standard Civitavecchia excursions that require returning to the ship by a specific time, the post-cruise option with drop-off at your hotel means you can even extend your tour if you wish!

  • You can also SAVE MONEY on your Post Cruise Tour by inviting other like-minded fellow cruisers from your ship who are also staying in central Rome post-cruise to join your preferred tour.   It’s very easy to place an AD on Cruise Critic Roll Call with a link to your preferred tour so others interested in joining you can learn more about the tour.  You may create your own privately shared tour on any Civitavecchia Excursions, or for excursions from other cruise ports as well. We included this information in our TOUR SHARING page.




We converted our most popular Civitavecchia Excursion: Rome in A Day, into a post-cruise tour option with convenient pick up at your ship and drop off at your hotel in the afternoon.

This tour is ideal for first-time visitors in Rome, and for cruisers who are in Rome for a limited time and wish to experience the highlights of our beautiful city and cover the Must See Places in Rome.

You will admire the ancient Roman architectural wonders such as the Colosseum and Pantheon, stop to see where the ancient Roman chariot racing stadium Circus Maximus used to be, enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the Roman Forum from Capitoline Hill, drive by Piazza Venezia,  visit the popular squares such as Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, enjoy a traditional lunch at a local restaurant or trattoria of your preference, and spend the afternoon exploring the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica inside the Vatican.



COUNTRYSIDE SPLENDOR – Post Cruise Tour from Civitavecchia



The beauty of our full-day Countryside Splendor tour is that it can be enjoyed as both a full-day Civitavecchia Excursion, as well as a Post Cruise Tour from Civitavecchia. Nothing changes, except that in the post-cruise tour, you will be dropped off at your hotel in Rome instead of returning to your ship.

This tour is perfect for cruisers who wish to enjoy a more relaxing tour at the end of their busy cruise, families with children, and travelers who love ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance places of great importance.

The Countryside Splendor tour includes a morning visit to the lakeside town of Bracciano to enjoy a tour of the Renaissance castle that dominates the town and lunch in the Medieval clifftop village of Ceri.  The morning itinerary is exactly as in the PRE CRUISE COUNTRYSIDE TOUR.

What adds to the fascinating itinerary of this popular countryside tour is an afternoon spent exploring fascinating ancient tombs inside the Banditaccia Etruscan Necropolis in Cerveteri.  




The Etruscans were a remarkably advanced ancient Pre-Rome civilization that settled in central Italy over the course of several centuries from around 800 BC to 300 BC, and this incredible necropolis covers the entire period of the Etruscan era.

You can see the evolution of this ancient civilization that progressed from simple burial stone urns to intricate tombs situated in a city-like planning with procession streets and squares. The tombs were carved around from the tuffa rock to resemble the actual home of the deceased. 

The Etruscan Necropolis in Cerveteri is a UNESCO World Heritage Site  and a must-visit for all visitors in Italy.

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