Post Cruise Rome in A Day

Debark / Post Cruise Rome Tour

duration:Full Day

Payment method:Cash, Paypal, Credit card

starting time:8:00 AM


  • Make the most of your disembarkation day and experience Rome at its best!
  • Enjoy more of Rome in less time, effortlessly, on our private Post Cruise Rome in a Day tour by car
  • Convenient Pick up on the pier next to your ship for an easy and hassle free start to your Rome adventure.
  • Bask in the grandeur of Ancient Roman architectural wonders
  • Revel in visits to Rome's grand squares with iconic fountains
  • Your luggage will travel with you safely inside your vehicle’s luggage compartment
  • Your driver will take you as close to each attraction as lawfully possible to minimize walking distance.
  • Explore the wonders and treasures of the Vatican with a knowledgeable private tour guide.
  • Enjoy a higher level of personal attention and flexibility on our private tours by car
  • ** This tour is NOT offered on Sundays, on January 1 & 6, February 11, April 10, May 1, June 29, August 15 & 16, November 1, December 8, 25, 26, 31, January 1 & 6 as The Vatican Museums are Closed


  • Colosseum Square ( * outside view of the Colosseum, Arch of Constantine )
  • View of the Roman Forum from Capitoline Hill
  • Circus Maximus
  • Drive by Piazza Venezia
  • Piazza della Rotonda ( outside view of the Pantheon)
  • Piazza Navona
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Spanish Steps / Piazza di Spagna
  • Vatican Museums
  • Sistine Chapel
  • Saint Peter’s Basilica


  • Pickup on the pier next to your ship in Civitavecchia
  • Personal English speaking Driver at your disposal
  • Private Licensed Vatican Tour Guide - 2 HOURS
  • Private air-conditioned deluxe vehicle
  • All VAT and Italy Taxes
  • Highway Tolls and Parking Fees.

not included

  • Admission Tickets / Entrance fees
  • Meals, Drinks
  • Gratuities at client discretion if pleased with the service



Before booking this tour, please check the availability of Vatican Museums Tickets. In case all Vatican Museums tickets are sold out, we will be happy to offer other exciting Rome tours such as our popular Panoramic Rome Tour, Tour Rome as Romans Do, or Rome Town & Country Tour.



  • For up to 4 Persons from Civitavecchia Port:  780 EUROS
  • For up to 6 Persons from Civitavecchia Port:  850 EUROS
  • For up to 8 Persons from Civitavecchia Port:  950 EUROS

* Prices are based on guests traveling with 1 Suitcase and 1 Carryon Per Person. If traveling with extra luggage please contact us in advance to be provided with a proper size vehicle for your luggage

** You may also do a QUICK PRICE CHECK using the Price Check & Booking form on the Right Side of this page.  Once you receive the PRICE QUOTE based on the information you input, you may proceed to SUBMIT your Tour Request.

** Dates on the Booking Form Calendar that are NOT Selectable, are NOT AVAILABLE.

**  This tour is NOT offered on Sundays, on January 1 & 6, February 11April 10, May 1, June 29, August 15 & 16 November 1, December 8, 25, 26, 31, January 1 & 6 as The Vatican Museums are CLOSED

** Please include your DROP-OFF HOTEL, ADRESS in Rome in the Special Request Box of the booking form

**  This Tour concludes at a hotel in Rome. If your final drop-off is in a different city or at the airport, please send us an email for a customized price quote


WATCH VIDEO: Enjoy a preview of the splendid locations in our Rome in A Day with Vatican Guide Tour VIDEO:


Your personal English speaking Driver will pick you up on the Pier next your ship in Civitavecchia and take you on a relaxing drive in your personal deluxe vehicle to Rome where your fun filled adventure will begin with visiting Rome’s most famous squares that have graced postcards and films for decades. 


ANCIENT ROME - bask in the grandeur of Ancient Rome's architectural wonders

Colosseum Square is dominated by the iconic Colosseum - the imposing 2,000 year old ancient Roman amphitheater where legendary gladiatorial fights once took place.   While strolling through Colosseum Square admiring the ancient ruins and monuments that surround you, be sure to catch glimpses (and photos) of the Colosseum from different angles.  Don’t miss Emperor Constantine’s Triumphal Arch located near the Colosseum.


Post Cruise Rome in a day with Vatican Guide visit_RomeCabs


Just behind Piazza Venezia on top of Capitoline Hill is a special terrace that will reward you with the most spectacular picture-perfect view of the Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill with the Colosseum behind it. 

In Piazza della Rotonda you will enjoy a stroll with an outside view of the Pantheon, the ancient Roman pagan temple dedicated to all gods that was converted into a church in the Middle Ages.monument.


ROME'S FAMOUS SQUARES  - delight in a taste of La Dolce Vita

Rome's lively and vibrant squares and magnificent fountains add a special charm to the Eternal City.

For a taste of La Dolce Vita, you will have the opportunity to visit the Baroque Trevi Fountain that has been featured in many classic movies and it’s the most famous fountain in the world (according to tradition if you toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain it will ensure a future return to Rome).

Debark Tour of Rome from Civitavecchia with Vatican Guide Post Cruise_Trevi Fountain with RomeCabs


The lively Piazza Navona outlines the ancient Roman stadium of Emperor Domitian and features Bernini’s famed Fountain of the Four Riversand the 1700’s Spanish Steps with a wide elegant stairway that connects the Egyptian obelisk on top with the Renaissance Fountain of the Old Boath at the bottom.

VATICAN TOUR - see the crowning achievements in art and architecture on your guided tour

After a welcomed free time to enjoy a delicious local Italian lunch, your driver will take you the Vatican Museums where you will meet your private Vatican Tour Guide.


Post Cruise Rome in A day Tour with Vatican Guide RomeCabs

Enjoy your afternoon exploring the highlights of the Vatican Museums that include opulent halls and galleries filled with a treasure trove of famous Classical Era sculptures, magnificent paintings by the great Medieval and Renaissance masters, Raphael’s Rooms adorned with incredible frescoes (including Raphael’s School of Athens),  Michelangelo’s awe-inspiring masterpiece frescoes inside the Sistine Chapel

Post Cruise Rome in a day tour with Vatican Guide from civitavecchia to Rome in limo


Your final stop inside the Vatican will be Saint Peter’s Basilica that you will access accompanied by your tour guide through the exclusive Guided Visitors Entrance for quick access to the basilica reserved only for visitors accompanied by a licensed tour guide. 

St. Peter’s Basilica is the largest church in Christendom and an architectural and artistic wonder, created by the illustrious great sculptures, architects and artists such as Bramante, Raphael, Michelangelo, Bernini and Maderno.


Post Cruise Rome in a day tour with Vatican Guide from Civitavecchia Debark Tours RomeCabs

Following your private Vatican Guided Tour, you will meet your driver who will take you directly to your hotel in Rome.

Thank you for booking our Post Cruise Rome in A Day with Vatican Guide Tour and for choosing Stefano's RomeCabs for your Private Tours and Transfers in Rome. We look forward to meeting you in Italy!

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Important Information



Payment for this Post Cruise Rome in A Day with Vatican Guide Tour can be made in EUROS directly to your driver on the Date of Tour, or prepaid in advance via PayPal or Credit Card online when you confirm your Tour.

If you wish to PREPAY you may do so online when CONFIRMING your BOOKING by SELECTING your preferred option of payment. Refunds for Prepaid Services will be made NET RATE only. (*See cancellation policy below)



Cancellation for this  Post Cruise Rome in A Day with Vatican Guide Tour must be made at least 7 DAYS of Date of Service in writing via E-Mail and confirmed by our company on record.  We do NOT accept cancellations by Phone, Text, or 3rd Parties such as hotel or ship concierge.  

** Cancelations for PREPAID SERVICES will be refunded the Net Rate we receive from your prepayment.  Net Rate: actual service price minus PayPal/Credit Card fees retained by PayPal/Credit Card as they do not reimburse us the fees they retain from your payment.


Sedans priced for 1-2 passengers can accommodate up to 2 standard suitcases and up to 2 small carryons.

Minivans for up to 8 passengers can accommodate up to 6 suitcases and up to 6 carry-ons in TOTAL. If you anticipate bringing luggage in excess of what the standard 8-seater vans can accommodate, please inform us prior to booking this service so we can help ensure that everyone and their luggage will travel safely inside the vehicle.


Your personal English-speaking Private Driver is NOT a licensed tour guide. 

Your driver will be happy to offer basic / general touristic information about places you see and visit during your tour while inside the vehicle but is obliged by law to remain with the vehicle while guests sightsee on foot away from the vehicle. Your driver will remain with the vehicle while you self-tour the monuments and squares prior to your Vatican visit.

On this Post Cruise Rome in A Day with Vatican Guide Tour you will enjoy SELF TOURING the attractions you visit away from the vehicle unaccompanied by your driver. Only the Vatican Tour includes a Private Tour Guide.

Rome traffic can be quite chaotic and requires the driver's full attention. Please refrain from distracting your driver while s/he is driving as your safety inside the moving vehicle is always our top priority.

Your driver will stop as close as lawfully to the sites as possible to attractions you visit in accordance to traffic and Municipality laws and regulations.

If you are pleased with the service you receive from your Driver, Gratuities are customary in Italy and greatly appreciated ( * gratuities are not mandatory). 





Admission Tickets to Vatican Museums are currently 21 EUROS ** PER PERSON

** NOTE: Admission ticket prices are subject to change up or down without notice.

Upon confirming the tour, you will be provided with LINKS and INSTRUCTIONS to purchase your Colosseum Tickets and Vatican Museum Tickets in advance online via authorized websites.  You will be required to bring your Ticket VOUCHERS with you so they can be converted into actual tickets on site.

These tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE once purchased as the Colosseum and Vatican Museums do NOT issue refunds on purchased tickets of any kind. 


Our tour guide associates are independent professionally licensed tour guides of Rome. These expert guides work extensively with tour operators on limited day tour schedules to ensure that you will enjoy the most important works of art and make the most of your 2 hours at the Vatican and arrive to meet your driver on time at the completion of the tour.

We do NOT accept any responsibility or liability for the style of the tour that the professional Tour Guides conduct as part of their informative walking tours of the Vatican as they are NOT employed by our company.  By booking this tour you accept this condition with no exception.

Civitavechia Tours to Rome Vatican Guided Tour RomeCabs



Your driver will meet you on the Pier next to your Ship at your scheduled pick up time holding a sign with the NAME in your reservation.

Please do NOT leave the ship area, and do NOT take a shuttle bus outside the port.

Look for the driver in the same area as ALL private drivers will be waiting for their clients.

VISITS INSIDE THE COLOSSEUM (Optional upon special request)

Rome Tours from Civitavecchia Colosseum Rome in limo tours RomeCabs

This tour as offered does NOT include a visit inside the Colosseum, the Colosseum is enjoyed viewed from the outside to allow for more opportunities to enjoy more of Rome's must see locations at your leisure.

As our private tours offer our guests the flexibility of choice,  if you prefer to visit inside the Colosseum, you would be required to purchase your own Colosseum Tickets online

Visiting inside the Colosseum would take time away from enjoying other sites on this tour: you may choose to skip 1 or more squares in the tour, or extend your overall tour time for maximum enjoyment of all the sites suggested in this Rome Tour.   Please let us know this preference at the time of Booking so we include it in your reservation and provide you with LINKS and Information to pre-purchase your Colosseum Tickets online.


  • Colosseum Tickets require a specific Time Slot for visits.
  • Colosseum Tickets currently frequently SELL OUT even far in advance.
  • Colosseum Tickets are NON-Refundable once purchased
  • The Colosseum has security checkpoints for ALL visitors that may result in Potentially LONG
  • SECURITY LINES and unpredictably LONG WAIT TIMES.
  • The Colosseum is extremely crowded, and for safety and security visitors are capped at 3,000.
  • Unfortunately there have been occasions that even Ticket Holders with specific time slots had to wait longer than expected when the Colosseum reached its peak number of visitors. 
  • Do not bring large bags, backpacks or sharp metal objects inside the Colosseum as large bags may not be permitted to enter the monument.
  • In the summer months it’s advisable to bring with you a bottle of watersunscreen and hat as it can be quite hot and sunny inside the Colosseum.