Discover the 5 Best Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia This Fall

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Buongiorno and welcome to RomeCabs, the top-rated Tour Company in Rome for Italy Shore Excursions and Italy Transfer Services.  As the summer heat gives way to cooler temperatures and the crowds of tourists diminish, September and October emerge as the ideal time to enjoy shore excursions from Civitavecchia this fall.

Imagine strolling through the vibrant streets of Rome, where ancient monuments stand as silent witnesses to centuries of history. Picture yourself wandering through the serene Roman countryside, where rolling hills and picturesque vineyards beckon you to unwind and explore. Or envision stepping back in time at ancient ruins, where each stone tells a story of empires and civilizations past. Perhaps you would like to indulge in wine tasting at a winery in the verdant Umbrian hills.

From the bustling streets of Rome to serene countryside vistas and ancient ruins, discover why this fall is ideal for cruisers. Here are the 5 Best Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia this fall that you can't miss!



5 Best Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia
this fall




1. Tour Rome as Romans Do


Experience Rome like a local with this comprehensive tour that takes you through some of the city's most iconic and picturesque locations. For locals, a day in Rome is about savoring moments of La Dolce Vita, embracing its iconic squares and timeless monuments, delighting in local cuisine, and experiencing the essence of the Eternal City as the locals would.


Tour Rome as Romans Do shore excursions from Civitavecchia this fall


Our "Tour Rome as Romans Do" is a private tour by car available both as a day tour from Rome hotel and a shore excursion from Civitavecchia. This private tour of Rome from Civitavecchia is a carefully crafted chauffeur-driven tour offering guests the opportunity to comfortably journey through Rome's beating heart rich in culture and history.

Without restrictive tourist-packed attractions and the frustration of securing elusive time slot tickets, you have the freedom to embrace the true spirit of the Eternal City and taste life at a leisurely pace as the Romans do.

Let the secrets of Rome's must-see squares unfold before your eyes. Marvel at timeless monuments and discover hidden gems that have bewitched Romans for centuries. Walk in the footsteps of emperors, artists, and visionaries, as you craft unforgettable memories that will forever weave the magic of Rome into your heart. Indulge in a sumptuous lunch at a local trattoria in the vibrant Trastevere district, considered the soul of Rome, and dine as the locals have for generations. But save room for a mouthwatering gelato that will sweeten your memories of Rome forever.


Highlights of Tour Rome as Romans Do from Civitavecchia


TOUR ITINERARY (order of sites may vary)

  • Piazza Colosseo (outside view of Colosseum, Arch of Constantine)
  • Circo Massimo / Circus Maximus
  • Aventine Hill
  • Gianicolo Hill
  • Lunch in Trastevere
  • St Peter’s Square (outside view of St Peter’s Basilica)
  • Piazza della Rotonda (outside view of the Pantheon)
  • Piazza Navona
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Spanish Steps


Piazza della Rotonda Pantheon Tour Rome as Romans Do from Civitavecchia


Piazza Colosseo:  Start your journey with an outside view of the majestic Colosseum and the nearby Arch of Constantine. These ancient structures are breathtaking in the soft fall light. The Colosseum, an enduring symbol of Rome, and the triumphal Arch of Constantine stand as testaments to the grandeur of the Roman Empire.

Circo Massimo / Circus Maximus: Next, visit the Circus Maximus, the ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium that offers stunning views and a sense of history. Imagine the roar of the crowds and the excitement of the races as you stand in the same place where Romans once gathered for entertainment.

Aventine Hill:  Enjoy a panoramic view of Rome from the serene Aventine Hill, home to beautiful gardens and the famous keyhole view of St. Peter’s Basilica. The peaceful ambiance of the Aventine Hill offers a respite from the bustling city below, providing picturesque views and a unique perspective of the city.

Gianicolo Hill / Janiculum Hill:  Another great vantage point, Gianicolo Hill provides a sweeping view of Rome's skyline, perfect for photos and quiet reflection. This hill, not one of Rome's original seven, is historically significant and offers stunning panoramas that capture the essence of Rome.

Lunch in Trastevere:  Break for lunch in the charming Trastevere neighborhood, known for its narrow streets, vibrant atmosphere, and delicious local cuisine. Trastevere, with its bohemian spirit and lively streets, is the perfect place to enjoy authentic Roman dishes at a traditional trattoria. Savor the flavors of Rome with dishes like pasta alla carbonara or cacio e pepe, accompanied by a glass of local wine.



Trastevere 5 Best Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia This Fall



St. Peter’s Square:  Marvel at the grandeur of St. Peter’s Square and the stunning basilica, an essential stop in any Roman itinerary. The architectural magnificence and spiritual significance of St. Peter’s Basilica are awe-inspiring, even from the outside.

Piazza della Rotonda:  Stand in awe before the Pantheon, one of the best-preserved ancient Roman buildings. The Pantheon's majestic columns and grand dome are a marvel of ancient engineering and architecture, drawing visitors with its imposing presence.

Piazza Navona:  Explore this beautiful square, famous for its baroque architecture and lively atmosphere. Piazza Navona, with its elegant fountains and surrounding cafes, is a vibrant hub where you can relax and soak in the beauty of Rome.

Trevi Fountain:  Toss a coin into Trevi Fountain, ensuring your return to Rome. The Trevi Fountain is one of Rome's most beloved landmarks, and the tradition of coin tossing adds a touch of magic to your visit.

Spanish Steps:  Conclude your tour at the Spanish Steps, a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike. Climb the steps for a panoramic view of the bustling Piazza di Spagna below, and take a moment to appreciate the elegance of this historic site.


Why book Tour Rome as Romans Do Shore Excursion in the Fall

The cooler temperatures of fall make walking around Rome much more pleasant. Fewer tourists than in the summer allows for a more relaxed and immersive experience, enabling you to explore more of Rome's historic and cultural sites without the summer heat and crowds. One of the best luxury tours of Rome, Tour Rome as Romans Do offers cruisers the opportunity to see more of Rome in less time!



2.  Medieval Magic Countryside Tour from Civitavecchia


Our Medieval Magic Countryside Tour from Civitavecchia is more than just a shore excursion; it's a voyage through time. Each stop, from the historic streets of Tuscania to the cliffside charm of Ceri and the majestic splendor of Bracciano, offers a unique window into Italy's rich medieval heritage. The fall season adds an extra layer of beauty, with its warm colors and gentle light creating a magical ambiance that enhances every moment.



Tuscania: A Portal to History

Your journey begins in Tuscania, a town steeped in history and charm. Known for its remarkable medieval architecture from defensive walls to magnificent stone buildings, Tuscania beckons with its well-preserved streets and historic sites.

Explore the Romanesque churches of San Pietro and Santa Maria Maggiore, each a masterpiece of medieval architecture. These sacred spaces not only offer a glimpse into the spiritual life of the past but also house stunning artworks and architectural details that have withstood the test of time.

As you wander through Tuscania, the panoramic views of the surrounding countryside will leave you in awe.  The fields and hillsides, adorned in the vibrant colors of autumn, create a scene that feels like stepping into a living painting.





Ceri: The Cliffside Enchantment

Next, your journey takes you to Ceri, a quaint medieval hamlet perched dramatically on a cliff. This village, with its rustic charm and serene atmosphere, is like stepping into a fairy tale. As you arrive, the sight of ancient stone buildings clinging to the cliffside and the narrow, winding alleyways will transport you to another time.

Take a leisurely lunch break at one of Ceri's family-owned restaurants, where you can savor traditional Italian cuisine. The flavors of the local dishes, coupled with the stunning scenery, make for an unforgettable dining experience.  Explore the few narrow streets and winding alleyways, where aged sun-kissed buildings whisper tales of centuries past. The warm autumnal colors of the countryside add a touch of magic,  making it a perfect place to bask in the nostalgic ambiance of Italy's medieval past.

 Discover the 5 Best Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia This Fal



Bracciano and Its Majestic Castle

The final leg of your journey leads you to Bracciano, home to the magnificent Castello Orsini-Odescalchi (also known as Bracciano Castle). This grand fortress, overlooking the serene waters of Lake Bracciano, is a masterpiece of medieval and Renaissance architecture. Originally a medieval stronghold, the castle was later transformed into a Renaissance residence, blending the robust fortifications of the past with the elegance and opulence of the Renaissance period.

As you step into the castle, you're greeted by grand halls adorned with exquisite Renaissance-era furniture, priceless paintings, and intricately crafted ceilings. Each room tells a story of the castle's illustrious past, filled with the echoes of nobility and grandeur. The castle's armory, with its collection of ancient weapons and suits of armor, offers a fascinating glimpse into the martial history of the era.

Climb to the castle's ramparts for a panoramic view that will take your breath away. The sight of Lake Bracciano, framed by the lush countryside, is a fitting finale to your historical journey. The lake, born from an ancient volcanic crater, adds a mystical quality to the landscape, making it easy to imagine knights and nobles roaming these lands centuries ago.


Bracciano Castle Medeival Magic Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia this fall RomeCabs


Why This Medieval Magic Shore Excursion from Civitavecchia is perfect in the fall


This Medieval Magic Shore Excursion from Civitavecchia offers a unique and enriching experience, taking you through the heart of the Roman countryside to discover its historical treasures and natural beauty. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a lover of scenic landscapes, or someone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities, this tour provides an unforgettable journey through Italy's past and present.

Fall is the ideal time of the year for exploring the countryside. The landscapes are particularly beautiful with the autumn foliage, making it a perfect time to enjoy the scenic beauty and historical sites. The cooler temperatures provide a comfortable climate for walking tours and outdoor exploration. Additionally, the fall season often means fewer tourists, allowing for a more relaxed experience at each location.



3.   Orvieto Wine Tasting Tour from Civitavecchia


Immerse yourself in the flavors and sights of Umbria with a wine tour from Civitavecchia that showcases the best of the region during the grape harvest season. Our Orvieto Wine Tasting Tour from Civitavecchia takes you on a delightful journey through the heart of Italy’s winemaking tradition, allowing you to savor the elegance of locally produced wines and the charm of historic Orvieto.

Your personal English-speaking RomeCabs driver will pick you up on the pier next to your ship in Civitavecchia at 8:30 AM. From there, your wine-tasting adventure begins with a relaxing drive through the beautiful Italian countryside.


  Orvieto Wine Tasting Tour from Civitavecchia


Highlights of the Orvieto Wine Tasting Tour from Civitavecchia

Winery Visit in Umbria at an Organic Wine Estate

Your first destination is a prestigious family-owned certified organic winery estate nestled in the Umbrian hills. As you traverse the scenic, windy country roads, you will be treated to breathtaking views of undulating hills adorned with rows of vineyards and olive orchards.

Learn about the winemaking process, from the cultivation of grapes to the bottling of wine. The estate’s commitment to organic farming ensures that its wines are produced with minimal environmental impact and the highest quality. You will also tour the wine cellars, where the magic of fermentation and aging happens.

The highlight of the visit is, of course, the wine tasting. You will have the opportunity to sample a selection of the estate’s finest wines, each paired with local delicacies that enhance the flavors of the wine. From crisp, refreshing whites to robust, full-bodied reds, each sip offers a taste of Umbria’s rich winemaking heritage.



Orvieto Wine Tasting Tour from Civitavecchia RomeCabs



Lunch and Sightseeing in Orvieto

After your winery visit, you will continue to the enchanting town of Orvieto. Perched atop a volcanic tuff cliff, Orvieto is a town steeped in history and renowned for its stunning architecture. You will have free time to explore Orvieto at your leisure, starting with a delicious lunch at one of the local restaurants. The town offers a variety of dining options, where you can enjoy traditional Umbrian dishes made with fresh, local ingredients.

Take time to explore the town’s many attractions. The Orvieto Cathedral, or Duomo, is a must-see. This masterpiece of Gothic architecture is famous for its magnificent facade adorned with intricate sculptures and mosaics, as well as its richly decorated interior. Don’t miss the Chapel of San Brizio, with frescoes by Luca Signorelli that depict the Last Judgment (admission tickets are required to visit the chapels inside the Duomo of Orvieto).

Stroll through Orvieto’s charming streets, lined with medieval buildings, artisan shops, and cafes. You can also visit the underground city of Orvieto, a network of caves and tunnels that have been used for various purposes over the centuries, including as a refuge during sieges.


Orvieto Wine Tasting Tour from Civitavecchia


Why Book the Orvieto Wine Tasting Tour from Civitavecchia in the Fall

Early fall is the grape harvest season, making it the perfect time to visit vineyards. The vineyards are at their most vibrant, with the grapes ripe and ready for harvesting. This is a time of great activity and excitement at the winery, and you may even have the opportunity to see the harvest in action if your tour date falls during vendemmia (grape harvest season).

The mild weather in the fall enhances the enjoyment of outdoor activities and sightseeing. The temperatures are comfortable, and the countryside is adorned with the warm hues of autumn foliage, providing a picturesque backdrop for your journey. The fall season also means fewer tourists, allowing for a more relaxed and intimate experience both at the winery and in Orvieto.

The Orvieto Wine Tasting Tour from Civitavecchia offers a unique and enriching experience, taking you through the heart of Umbria to discover its winemaking heritage and historic charm. Whether you are a wine enthusiast, a history buff, or simply looking for a relaxing day in the Italian countryside, this tour provides an unforgettable journey through one of Italy’s most picturesque regions.



4.  Ostia Antica and Cerveteri Tour from Civitavecchia


Delve into the ancient world with a tour of historic sites that reveal the rich cultural heritage of Italy. History lovers and adventure seekers alike will rejoice in this captivating day trip from Rome or shore excursion from Civitavecchia to Ostia Antica and Cerveteri to visit the Banditaccia Etruscan Necropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This RomeCabs Ancient World Tour propels you through the mists of time, enabling you to discover the grandeur of ancient Rome and the mysteries of the Etruscans, an advanced pre-Roman civilization that once held dominion over central Italy. Walk in the footsteps of ancient Romans in Ostia Antica and explore the tombs of the Etruscans. It's a day trip through the ages, waiting for you to unlock its secrets and delve into the mysteries of the past.

Ostia Antica and Cerveteri Tour from Civitavecchia this fall


Highlights of Ostia Antica and Cerveteri Tour from Civitavecchia


Walk in the footsteps of Ancient Romans in Ostia Antica

Begin your journey with a visit to Ostia Antica, the well-preserved ruins of what was once a bustling Roman port city. Founded in the 4th century BC, Ostia Antica served as the main harbor for ancient Rome and was a hub of commercial activity. Today, it is an archaeological treasure trove that offers a glimpse into daily life during the height of the Roman Empire.

As you explore the expansive site, you will marvel at the ancient buildings, mosaics, and frescoes that have survived the passage of time. Key highlights include the Theater of Ostia, which could seat up to 4,000 spectators, the Baths of Neptune with their intricate mosaics, and the Forum, the political and economic heart of the city. Wander through the ancient streets, visit the well-preserved houses, and imagine the vibrant community that once thrived here.


Ostia Antica and Cerveteri Tour from Civitavecchia this fall RomeCabs


Lunch in the Medieval Village of Ceri

After your exploration of Ostia Antica, take a scenic drive to the medieval village of Ceri for a delightful lunch at a local trattoria, where you can savor traditional Italian dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. The village's charm and hospitality will make your meal a memorable experience, offering a perfect interlude between your visits to the ancient sites.

Explore Cerveteri Banditaccia Etruscan Necropolis

The final leg of your tour takes you to the Banditaccia Etruscan Necropolis in Cerveteri. This UNESCO site is one of the most significant and extensive Etruscan cemeteries in Italy, with thousands of tombs dating from the 9th century BC to the 3rd century BC.

The necropolis offers a fascinating glimpse into the Etruscan civilization, known for its advanced engineering, art, and culture. Explore the tombs, many of which are designed to resemble houses, complete with rooms and furniture carved out of rock. The Tomb of the Reliefs, one of the most famous, is adorned with detailed carvings and frescoes that provide insight into Etruscan life and beliefs.

As you wander through the ancient burial grounds, your guide will share stories and insights about the Etruscans, their customs, and their influence on Roman culture. The necropolis is not just a place of death, but a testament to the rich and vibrant culture of this ancient civilization.


Cerveteri Banditaccia Etruscan Necropolis excursion from Civitavecchia


Why book Ostia Antica and Cerveteri Tour from Civitavecchia in the Fall

The Ostia Antica and Cerveteri - Ancient World Tour offers a unique and enriching experience, taking you through the heart of Italy’s ancient history.  The cooler fall temperatures make it comfortable to explore these outdoor historical sites without the sweltering heat of summer. The crisp, fresh air enhances the enjoyment of walking through ancient ruins and archaeological sites. Additionally, the lack of summer crowds allows for a more enjoyable experience, enabling you to fully appreciate the historical significance of each location.

The fall season also brings a unique beauty to the countryside, with the changing colors of the leaves adding a picturesque backdrop to your journey. The combination of mild weather, fewer tourists, and stunning autumn landscapes makes the fall an ideal time to embark on this Ancient World Tour.



5.  Along Rome's Empire Roads Tour

For those who have already seen Rome's top attractions, this tour offers a deeper dive into the ancient history and religious heritage of the Eternal City. The expression "All roads lead to Rome" reflects how two ancient roads of the Roman Empire, Via Ostiensis and Via Appia, connect Rome to significant historical sites. This tour takes you from Rome to explore incredible places along these ancient routes.


Via Ostiensis - Following One of Rome’s Oldest Roads

Via Ostiensis, one of the oldest roads in Ancient Rome, extends about 20 miles from Rome to the ancient harbor city of Ostia. The modern Via Ostiense follows a similar route, still connecting Rome with Ostia. Along this route, you will visit the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls.

Saint Paul Outside the Walls - The Second Largest Basilica in Rome

Saint Paul Outside the Walls Basilica is the second-largest basilica in Rome after St. Peter’s Basilica. Built in the 4th century by Emperor Constantine above the burial site of St. Paul the Apostle, the basilica has been an important pilgrimage site. The current church, an exact replica of the original destroyed by fire in 1823, showcases stunning architecture and houses St. Paul’s tomb beneath the altar.


Saint Paul Outside the Walls Along Rome Empire Roads Tour


Ostia Antica - Walk in the Footsteps of the Romans

Ostia Antica is one of the best-preserved ancient Roman cities. This archaeological treasure offers a glimpse into ancient Roman life with its streets, temples, theaters, baths, and more. Founded in the 7th century BC, Ostia flourished during the 2nd century AD as a bustling port city before being abandoned in the 9th century. Exploring Ostia Antica is like stepping back in time, walking where ancient Romans once did.

Ancient Appian Way / Via Appia - The Queen of the Long Roads

Constructed in 312 BC, the Appian Way was vital for military and trade routes, connecting Rome to the southeast region of Italy. Named after its initiator, Appius Claudius Caecus, the well-preserved road showcases ancient engineering with its interlocking stones and drainage system. The road’s serene, park-like setting with evergreen cypress and sea pines offers a peaceful atmosphere.


Ancient Appian Way  Via Appia  Rome Tours from the cruise port


Christian Catacombs - Explore the Ancient Subterranean Tombs

Along the Appian Way, you will visit the underground 2nd-3rd century AD Christian catacombs. These tunnels, carved out of soft tufa stone, served as burial sites outside Rome’s city walls. The labyrinth of galleries and chambers housed around 170,000 graves, including early martyrs and popes. A guided tour reveals the catacombs’ fascinating decorations and inscriptions.


Why Along Rome's Empire Roads Tour from Civitavecchia is ideal in the fall

Fall provides the perfect conditions for exploring these historical sites without the heat and crowds of summer. The cooler temperatures make walking and exploring much more comfortable, allowing for a more immersive experience.


Fall is a wonderful time to explore Itlay on a shore excursion from Civitavecchia. Whether you prefer the vibrant streets of Rome, the serene countryside, the rich wine regions, or the ancient ruins, there's something for everyone. Plan your fall shore excursion today and discover the many treasures that await you.

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